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4th Grade - Alpha & Omega LIFEPAC Homeschool Curriculum

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4th Grade 5 Subject Set

Motivate you child with the LIFEPAC 4th Grade 5-Subject Set! This colorful, all-in-one set contains five core subjects: Bible, History & Geography, Science, Language Arts, and Math. Each individual subject has ten worktexts and a teacher's guide. LIFEPAC lessons are Bible-based and encourage concept mastery!

Are you looking for the perfect, complete curriculum set? Alpha Omega Publications has just what you need! Combined into an all-in-one set, the LIFEPAC 4th Grade 5-Subject Set contains five core subjects: Bible, History & Geography, Science, Language Arts, and Math. And in terms of affordability this is a deal that can't be beat! This step-by-step, Bible-centered curriculum is based on the concept of mastery learning and offers flexibility with personalized instruction. Colorful, self-paced lessons and supplemental hands-on activities make this curriculum set fun and easy.

Each LIFEPAC subject contains ten separate worktexts and a teacher's guide. Filled with motivating lessons and diverse review questions, the LIFEPAC 4th Grade 5-Subject Set will give your child a solid, well-rounded education! Stop searching for the perfect, complete homeschool curriculum. You found it! Simply order the best-selling LIFEPAC 4th Grade 5-Subject Set today–and get everything you need for a full school year.


Instill critical Bible truths in your child's heart with LIFEPAC. The LIFEPAC 4th Grade Bible Set continues your child's study of important biblical themes. Using colorful worktexts, this homeschool program presents lessons from the Old and New Testaments on Daniel, Peter, Saul (Paul), David the Shepherd, Jesus and the Sheep, and much more. Teacher's guide included.

History & Geography

The LIFEPAC 4th Grade History & Geography Set integrates biblical truth into lessons on the geography and culture of many regions of the world. Presented in an engaging worktext format, there are lessons on exploring space and oceans, seaport cities, tropical rain forests, deserts, island countries, mountain countries, and much more! Teacher's guide included.

Language Arts

The LIFEPAC 4th Grade Language Arts Set is filled with lessons in multiple areas of language instruction! Using a unique all-in-one format, the fourth grade program integrates grammar, spelling, vocabulary, reading, and composition into a single language course. Your child will enjoy using this engaging, motivating language program! Teacher's guide included.


Created to encourage a strong math foundation, the LIFEPAC 4th Grade Math Set provides mastery-based instruction for your child. Ten colorful worktexts provide instruction in sequencing patterns, multiplication, rounding, estimation, plane and solid shapes, division, factors, multiples, fractions, charts, graphs, and metric units. Teacher's guide included.


The LIFEPAC 4th Grade Science Set is a colorful, student-driven science course focused on the study of God's wonderful creation. Studying ten engaging worktexts, your child will learn about plants and animals, our environment, physical and chemical science, weather, the solar system, our atmosphere, and more. A teacher's guide is included.

All LIFEPAC Curriculum uses only KJV Scripture.

This 4th Grade 5-Subject Set includes 10 Lifepac Worktexts and 1 Teacher's guide for each of the following subjects:

1) Bible - 7 Major Bible Themes (Living for God, Saul, Bible, OT Geography, Witnessing)

2) History & Geography - World Geography & Culture (Our Earth, seaports, deserts, grasslands, rainforests, polar regions, mountains, islands)

3) Language Arts - Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, Composition (written communications, clarify, fiction, parts of speech, reports)

4) Math - Basic Math Skills (fractions, multiplication, rounding, shapes, division, measurement, decimals, estimation, charts)

5) Science - God's Creation (plants, animals, environment, machines, magnetism, matter, weather, space)

Click on the link below to view a Scope and Sequence PDF file that presents topics of upcoming quarters and semesters for all curricula:

LIFEPAC Scope and Sequence


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