Thru The Bible #6: Thru The Bible Complete Index

Thomas Nelson


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Thomas Nelson
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Topical and reference searches made easy with one handy index!

Thousands of readers have journeyed Thru the Bible with J. Vernon McGee. Now they can access McGee's comments on virtually any Bible topic with the Thru the Bible Complete Index.

With this book you can customize your study by theme, scripture reference, or doctrine, by bible character or concept. Under one index entry, you will find every reference to your topic or scripture that Dr. McGee makes in all these volumes. Imagine how helpful this quick, powerful access will be when you're pulling your thoughts together for a sermon, bible lesson, or personal study.

Created for pastors, teachers, and inquisitive students of God's Word, this 352-page resource is the perfect companion volume for those who want to get the maximum benefit from their Thru the Bible collection. Each topic is indexed by volume and page number to the five-volume commentary set. Users of the 60-volume paperback edition can use the Scripture references included with each topical description to search for a subject. Truly comprehensive and complete, the Thru the Bible Complete Index provides quick access to nearly every Bible person, place, event, or doctrine in Dr. McGee's work. In addition, this volume catalogs McGee's teachings on contemporary issues, including anecdotes and his trademark "May-I-say-isms." McGee's unique brand of humor and homespun wisdom are easy to locate, either by using the topical portion of the index or the separate "Anecdotes" section. The Thru the Bible Complete Index is an invaluable resource for those who depend on the Thru the Bible commentary series for its scholarly Bible insights and practical teaching illustrations. A great choice for pastors, the average Bible reader, and students!