The Watchmen

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Sharing your faith should be a conversation, not a presentation!

Author Mark Cahill challenges us to be watchmen on the wall, sounding the warning to those around us who are on the way to hell. We have all heard messages with such a challenge, but Cahill's book is different. From beginning to end, it is filled with short stories of how he opens conversations, turns them to spiritual things, and challenges people. An emotional book, it is chock-full of witnessing ideas and inspiration. Some call it Cahill's best book yet!

You'll learn:

  • Ideas for witnessing that you may not have thought about
  • Discussion starters
  • Surprising encounters
  • Turn up your spiritual temperature!

Every believer can become a hero of the faith to someone! And the world IS watching.

So many Christians wonder if they are living up to the high calling of Christ in our lost and dying world. How can we lay down our lives to best serve the Lord during our brief time on earth? What should be the focus of every Christian’s life? Are we living and breathing for the sake of the gospel?

The Watchmen will passionately move your heart to become a watchman for the Most High God who blows the trumpet long and loud in the lives of the unsaved around us. The world is sleeping, but must be awakened to the reality of Judgment Day that is fast approaching. Everyone must be ready.

Through a friendly and conversational style, you will see the importance of equipping yourself with sound biblical truth to warn the lost, and living to adorn the gospel of Christ. You will want to encourage, bless and speak boldly into the lives of all you meet to rescue them from God’s coming wrath. Every believer can become a hero of the faith to someone! These are the words and deeds the Lord treasures because they show how real He and His love are to the world. And they are watching.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Bloodcurdling Scream
  • Chapter 2: You Plus
  • Chapter 3: Hey Stranger!
  • Chapter 4: Speak With Boldness!
  • Chapter 5: Prayer Changes Things
  • Chapter 6: More Blessed to Give Than Receive
  • Chapter 7: "I Think About Eternity All The Time."
  • Chapter 8: Is Not My Word as like a Fire?
  • Chapter 9: No Crossing Over
  • Chapter 10: Time No More
  • Endnotes

Author Bio:
Mark Cahill is the author of the popular books One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven, with over 600,000 in print and commended by Bill Bright, One Heartbeat Away: Your Journey Into Eternity with over 700,000 of his book, The Watchmen, and his two novels Paradise and Reunion.

After receiving a business degree from Auburn University, where he was an honorable mention Academic All-American in basketball, he spent several years in management and teaching before becoming a highly sought-after motivational communicator. As one of the Ambassador Agency’s most requested speakers, Mark addresses thousands of people annually, equipping and challenging the saved to go out and reach the lost. He currently has over 1.4 million copies of his books in print in 14 languages around the world.

Mark’s greatest passion is for the entire world to know Jesus Christ, leading him to boldly witness to everyone he encounters—including Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Vanilla Ice, Charles Barkley, and Geraldo Rivera.