The Modern Version Incursion

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Author: Dr. Ken Matto

I wrote The Modern Version Incursion because there is a need in the church for Christians to see plainly that the modern versions of the Bible are counterfeits. God wrote one Bible, not three hundred! The Bible tells us plainly that God's word is forever settled in heaven, as Psalm 119:89 teaches. This means the word of God is established and firm in heaven.

The modern versions attack the cardinal doctrines of the Christian faith and especially attack the Lord Jesus Christ. The modern versions are based on the second-century Gnostic beliefs that were prevalent in Alexandria, Egypt. They disbelieved that Jesus was the Son of God and that He was not the incarnation of deity.

What is really unhealthy is when the pastor of a church pushes these counterfeits and convinces their congregation that they are the most accurate. I sincerely desire Christians to look at their modern version and then compare it with the King James Bible and ask the question, why is theirs so different?

We will look at 747 verses, which should be more than enough to convince even the skeptic. Christians will search out a neighborhood to live in, check out a mutual fund or stock, research a car before they buy; but when it comes to Bibles, they couldn't care less what they use. It shows how Christian commitment is lacking, and the weakness of modern Christianity attests to that fact. If one uses a counterfeit, they will be weak in their walk. Since the 1901 ASV came out, the church has become so weak it needs to be put on life support. When you start making the comparisons in this book, you will see that Christianity has been sold a bill of goods.