Texas Tales in Siberia

Jeff Williams


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Jeff Williams
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Author: Jeff Williams

Search "Crazy Russians" on YouTube and you will find videos with millions of hits. Imagine moving your whole family to Siberia. Texas Tales follows a sixth generation Texas boy who struggles to adjust to life in Siberia. Hilarious misadventures follow one after another as he learns to navigate the cultural divide between the Lone Star State and 1,000 years of Russian life. In time he discovers that the greatest challenges are not from his new environment, but from within. Had he been a salesman or worked in petroleum it would have made no difference. The fact that he is a preacher is beside the point. Adjusting to life in Russia will continue to be an interesting challenge for any westerner who ventures there. Texas Tales in Siberia is an inexpensive and painless way to visit Russia.

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The Williams family moved to Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia on January 3rd, 1998. Russia was still operating on the Soviet Model in many ways. Between the strange way of doing things, and the colorful characters they met along the way, life was so absurd it became amusing.

This humorous autobiography covers a period of orientation into a Siberian lifestyle. If you need to escape to another time and place, if you want to laugh out loud, then this is your ticket. Run in's with Russian Rednecks, Babushkas, and the Police guarantee that Slavic life is never dull. Complete economic meltdowns, brutal winters, and stubborn bureaucracy were roadblocks to survival. Dealing with difficult taxi drivers, soviet shopping malls, and horrible roads were strange aspects of the daily routine. You will fall in love with the Russian people.