Spanish New Scofield Study Bible (RVR 1960)

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The Spanish New Scofield Study Bible is a trusted and well recognized name world wide, not only by academicians and pastors but with thousands of students of the word in every walk of life. Holman Bible Publishers is proud to announce the completion of an aggressive revision of the text in the popular Reina-Valera Revision of 1960 linked to the well known dispensational Bible study method first presented by C.I. Scofield. Throughout the scriptures the unique Scofield expository notes reveal the progressive character of God's dealings with mankind.

Broadman & Holman se enorgullece en presentar esta edicion renovada, con material ampliado y revisado por los teologos del comite consultor de la afamada version en ingles. Manteniendo siempre el texto Reina-Valera 1960, esta Biblia ofrece en un dinamico formato toda la teologia dispensacional y escatologica del incomparable Dr. C.I. Scofield.

- Introductions to different Bible sections
- Brief outlines of each Bible book
- Some 1,700 footnotes
- Center column references (in OT) and side column cross-reference (in NT)
- Words of Christ in Red
- A system of subject chain reference
- Index to annotations
- Brief concordance
- Recently developed Maps
- 1344 pages

***Fits Genuine Leather Bible Cover size Large.