Portable Communion Sets

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For the pastor, deacon or missionary on the go. Portable communion sets provide the tradition of accepting the body and blood of Christ, while adapting to a variety of circumstances. Perfect for hospital visits, nursing homes, shut in ministries, prison ministries, and more.

And now, equipping multiple ministers is possible because of the great low price! Set includes 25 disposable cups in a reusable plastic sleeve, juice container, and server for the communion bread. In box with padded cover and magnetic closure.

Portable Communion Set Includes:
- a reusable sleeve containing 24 disposable communion cups
- an unbreakable container for juice,
- an unbreakable container/server for bread,
- a black simulated leather case with foldover magnetic closure.
- "In Remembrance" is embossed in gold on the cover of the case

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