Learning Truth: Acts (A concise guide to the King James Bible)

Greg Cetton


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Greg Cetton
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Author: Gregory Cetton

In this Acts: King James Bible Commentary, Dr. Cetton masterfully explains the history and text of the book of Acts including the theme verse, overview, transitions, outline, author, reader, purpose, date, sources, and teaching questions for the entire book of Acts.  This Learning Truth commentary contains the entire Scripture text of the book of Acts, along with detailed background informtion and commentary for each verse and chapter.  It also contains full color maps and illustrations, such as archeological and historically significant places, and features a comfortably large and easily readable font size.  

Written in a text book or teacher's guide style, complete with "Teaching Questions" and "Challenge Questions", the Learning Truth Acts commentary could easily be used as a lesson guide for adult Sunday School classes or as a special themed bible study series.  

Perhaps best of all, the Learning Truth Commentary Series honors the King James Bible as the preserved word of God. Learn to read, understand, and love the English text that has brought the message of eternal life to countless individuals for over 400 years. This verse-by-verse guide will help you understand the words of Scripture through related Bible passages and relevant historical backgrounds.  

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Acts of the Apostles Commentary Introduction:

Theme Verse
"But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth" (Acts 1:8).

The Acts of the Apostles shows how Christ's followers, through the power of the Holy Ghost, fulfill His promise to spread the gospel from Jerusalem and Judea to Samaria and the greater Gentile world (Acts 1:8). 

Luke's account focuses on the primarily Jewish ministry of Peter (Acts 1-12) and the primarily Gentile ministry of Paul (Acts 13-28).  Both Peter and Paul will have a significant sermon recorded (Acts 2, 13), heal a lame individual (Acts 3, 14), heal persons from afar (Acts 5, 19) cast out unclean spirits (Acts 5, 16), receive a miraculous release from prison (Acts 12, 16), confront a sorceror (Acts 8, 13), refuse to be worshipped (Acts 10, 14), receive heavenly visions (Acts 10,16), lay on hands to impart the Holy Ghost (Acts 8, 19), raise the dead (Acts 9, 20), and be imprisoned for their faith (Acts 12, 21-28).  Luke draws parallels between the two men to show that the same Holy Spirit empowers both apostles to do His work.  


- "The chapter by chapter, verse by verse examination of the Biblical content and context, questions and answers, photos, historically significant geological information, maps, and definitions make the story come to life with accuracy and authority." - Pastor Mark Smith, Faith Baptist Church, Tacoma, WA.

- "It is my firm belief that this book needs to be taught in every Bible college in America, and it is a book that should be in every home in America.  In addition to the book of Acts, his 'Concise guide to the King James Bible' is brilliant and offers a strong defense of the Word of God in a day when it is constantly under attack." - Pastor Chuck Beickel, Faith Baptist Church, Layton, UT

- "It is a most effective commentary for both pastors and laymen to use." - Pastor Steven Neff, Tabernacle Baptist Church, Tioga, PA.

About the Author:
Dr. Gregory Cetton has loved the Bible since he began reading it as a child.  He earned a degree in Biochemistry at Biola University and in Medicine at Loma Linda University.  By day he works to keep his patients healthy, and by night he writes to encourage others to delight in the word of God.  In his free time you can find him enjoying the mountaints or deserts of Utah with his wife and three children.