KJV Transetto Bible (Cambridge)



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The KJV Transetto Text Edition is not only a new Bible but is a unique book concept. These smart, ultra-modern books are very compact, but nevertheless clear and easy to handle and read. They use lightweight paper and an innovative binding style to include a large amount of reading matter into a small, supremely portable and easy-to-handle format. This revolutionary new publishing concept, first launched in the Netherlands in 2009, is patented worldwide as the dwarsligger®.

The Cambridge KJV Transetto Edition is the first Bible to be published in this format in English. The book no longer has a conventional left and right page. Its format is landscape, with the text rotated 'crosswise' through 90º, but when the book is open the two pages on view form a single portrait-format 'page' for reading: the Bible text is set in double-column format, and is read downwards across both open pages in the spread.

Any book in this format weighs a fraction of its standard book equivalent - and of an electronic reader too. The combination of thin India paper and unique binding allows the books to open flat or be easily held in one hand. They fit comfortably into the smallest of handbags or pockets and will be ideal for reading on the move - any time, anywhere.



- Compact size, lightweight
- Lay-flat Transetto format binding
- Year-long Daily Reading Plan
- Small but clear, easy-to-read 6-point text