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The KJV Store is pleased to announce a limited edition re-printing of the Newberry Reference Bible in a unique Single Column Format.

Single Column EDITION
By Thomas Newberry

- Leading words in the text printed in bold type
- Divine titles printed in the original languages in the margin
- Old Testament passages quoted in the New Testament CAPITALIZED
- Tables of weights, measures and coins
- Chart of Greek prepositions
- Some Greek manuscript readings noted at the foot of the page in the page in the New Testament
- Alternative renderings in the margin with the actual Greek and Hebrew words spelled out
- ‘Single column’ print across the page
- A lower hyphen_connecting several English words together which in the original languages are one word
- Poetic sections laid out
- Parallel passages always noted in the margin
- Signs indicating Greek and Hebrew participles, articles, numbers, emphatic prepositions, tenses and moods
- 1648 pages of text
- 16 pages of maps and charts
- India Paper
- Semi-yapp
- Black Calfskin Leather
- Ribbon marker
- Gilt edges
- 10.5 pt. Font

- Newberry Reference Bibles are shipped directly from Scotland via UK Royal Mail Traceable.
- UK Royal Mail Traceable typically takes 2 to 3 weeks to deliver.

- Royal Mail Tracking will be emailed to customers upon shipment
***Please note that any Newberry returns will need to be returned to the UK.