KJV Holman Deluxe Family Bible

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B&H Publishing
8-1/2 x 11-1/4 x 2"
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With the KJV Holman Deuxe Family Bible, White Padded Bonded Leather in your living room, you are making a statement of faith that is strong, clear, simple, and inviting.

You are opening wonder in a child’s eyes through captivating Masters’ paintings and Bible stories. You are awakening understanding through historical essays and helpful Bible study charts. You are linking hands with those who have shared your family’s story by capturing in print their names, their lives, their special moments.

Most of all, you are bringing God’s Word into the very heart and fabric of your home, inspiring those you love to wrap their lives in its hope, purpose, and peace.

This is a Bible for generations to come—for children who will come to faith in Christ as they grow and mature, for grandchildren who will treasure their connections with the past, for decades of friends and family who will pass through your home and life...and be inspired by what they see.

- White Padded Bonded Leather
- Padded Cover with Full-Color Onlay
- 32 Master's Paintings
- 1" Ribbon Marker
- "Finding God's Will as a Family" by Charles Swindoll
- Words of Christ in Red
- 12 Page Family Records Section
- Presentation Page
- Chart of the Life of Jesus Christ
- A Short History of the Holy Bible
- A Harmony of the Life of Christ
- Miracles of Our Lord
- Parables of Our Lord
- Redi-Reference
- Favorite Bible Stories
- Bible Dictionary