KJV Center-Column Reference Bible - Comfort Print

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6 1/4 x 9 1/4"
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$39.99 - $144.99
$35.99 - $130.49


In this edition, the King James Version text is paired with the readability of Thomas Nelson's Comfort Print for an unrivaled reading experience. Helpful resources are included, such as red-letter words of Christ, cross-references in a center column, reading plans, and more.

The KJV Comfort Print Typeface was designed to be the most readable at any size. On a special commission, 2K/Denmark sought to reflect Thomas Nelson's rich 200-year tradition with the KJV, while also embodying the best advancements in modern Bible typography. The result is an exclusive Bible typeface that is uncompromisingly beautiful, bold, readable at any size, and perfectly suited to the King James Version.

Features include:

  • Over 73,000 center-column cross-references and translator notes
  • Book introductions
  • “About the Bible” article
  • "How to Study the Bible" article
  • "Getting to Know God" article
  • "30 Days Getting to Know God" reading plan
  • "30 Days Getting to Know Jesus" reading plan
  • Clear and readable 9.5-point KJV Comfort Print

In 1611 the King James Bible was published and authorized by the monarch of England and Scotland. Today, more than 400 years since its initial publication, the KJV is considered one of the most influential and beautiful works of the English language and continues to be the favorite translation for millions of Christians worldwide.