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R.L. Allan
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Superb Quality in a manageable size,Bound in black natural grain goatskin leather with full yapp and hand pleated corners, leather-lined in dark blue with gilt line inside case, double sprayed red under gold page edges and 3 navy blue ribbons.

The Brevier Blackface is a vintage Oxford University Press typesetting with self pronouncing text, printed on 28gsm India paper, and includes the full 325pp Oxford Cyclopedic Concordance and 16pp Oxford Bible maps.

- India Paper
- Single Presentation Page
- 32pp Allan lined notepaper 
- Leather-Lined in Dark Blue
- 8pt. Bold Black Letter Type
- Center Column References
- 2 Ribbon Markers
- Self-Pronouncing Text
- Cyclopedic Concordance
- Oxford Bible Maps
- Black Natural Grain Goatskin Bindings.

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About R.L. Allan & Son Publishers:
R.L. Allan Publishers, established in 1863 in Glasgow, Scotland, is a world renowned bible publisher and leather manufacturer. From the birthplace of King James himself come some of the finest premium leather KJV bibles on the planet. These extraordinary KJV Bibles now have a home at The KJV Store for the first time ever.

These exclusive Allan Bibles are printed and bound by craftsmen using traditional techniques and only the finest materials. Quality manufacturing breeds a promise of durability that you just won’t find in any other bible. Their unique leather-lined Bibles have special features – such as Highland Goatskin, Oxford hollows and overcasting – benefits which may only become fully apparent after many years of regular use.

Leather-Lined Style:
The #26 Natural Grain Goatskin covers are "lined to the edge” style with genuine leather linings. Carefully joining the cover to the Bible, using several flexible components, eliminates restrictions and stress points often found in paste-off or glue-bound methods. This unique style of binding offers the utmost flexibility, thus allowing your Bible to withstand years of continuous use. The “leather-lined” binding is what sets these apart from anything by Cambridge, Oxford, or other traditional publishers.

Royal License:
R.L. Allan Bibles are so renowned that they have been appointed by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth as official publishers of the King James Authorized Version in Scotland where the Sovereign holds the perpetual copyright. The license of which can be seen on the "Look Inside" images above.

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5 Reviews
  • Rev. Richard Lyons

    5 9/22/20

    Allan Brevier Bible

    IMHO, the printed Bible does not come better than this. The type is quite legible, even for my old eyes, and the book itself is suitable as a preaching tool/source. Well worth the price. Thank you.

  • Tony

    5 2/16/19

    Great Bible!

    This is one of the best RL Allan bible of this size that has really touched my heart. The quality of leather and the bold print on that india paper can't get any better. The price that I have paid for is more than a bargain. You can not lose with the quality that this publisher produces.

  • Tony

    5 2/9/19

    R.L. Allan Exceeds their promise

    Folks, I have to tell you, the KJV Allan Brevier Blackface Edition far exceeded my expectations when it comes to the quality that R.L. Allan has to offer. The bold font, pages, maps and, especially the goat skin leather are superior qualities that you can find with R.L. Allan. I am totally impressed and content that I have a carrying Bible I can hold on to wherever I go in my busy life. Thank you R.L. Allan and KJV Store. You folks kept your promise. *****

  • William

    5 1/4/19

    Review of the Allan Brevier Blackface Reference Bible (KJV).

    The Brevier Blackface is an excellent high quality Bible for a very reasonable price. The goatskin leather on the outside and inside covers is magnificent and dignified in appearance. The print is slightly smaller, but bolder, than the Brevier Clarendon, and the pronunciation helps are the best I’ve seen in any Bible. Due to the somewhat smaller print the Blackface’s Bible text is 277 pages shorter than the Clarendon, but the Cyclopedic Concordance and maps are the same in both. The Blackface cross references are top notch; a really useful, well thought out, and plentiful set of cross references. So, great print and features; a very readable, useful, and elegant Bible. <br> Any negatives? Yes, two in particular, one serious, the other less so, depending on your stance. First, the margins do not include all the translators’ notes, only a selection of them. The Clarendon has them all, but the Blackface is very selective in what they keep, which I consider a big problem. I want my KJV to include the translators’ notes, and when they are not there, something is missing. This may not bother people who never consult them, but it bothers me. Second, in lieu of including all translators’ notes, the editors have elected to include many text critical comments favoring critical readings over those of the Textus Receptus upon which the KJV is based. Now, I’m a big boy, and have heard it all before, so I’m not put off by the critical comments. I don’t like them, but I can live with them. I would, however, have real hesitation recommending a Bible with these critical textual comments to a lay person, as they engender needless doubt and confusion.<br> That said, this is a well made, elegant, and useful KJV reference Bible, made of very high quality materials. Readable, helpful, and reasonably priced.

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