Is the Big Bang Biblical?

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Author: Dr. John D. Morris

Almost everyone has an interest in science. Whether we're simply star-gazing, or conducting laboratory experiments, studying the world around us offers marvelous opportunities to learn.

As the natural world unfolds around us, it also prompts philosophical questions: Where did it all come from? Did someone make all this?

Geologist and author John Morris, President of the Institute for Creation Research, is often asked a host of questions about how our world came to be. In this book, he answers a hundred of the most common questions, and the variety of topics will excite readers of all ages. In his clear, non-technical style, Morris tackles the following:

- Has evidence for Noah's flood been found in the Black Sea?
- Can science prove the Bible?
- Doesn't carbon dating prove the earth is old?
- If all animals were created as plant eaters, why do some have sharp teeth?
- Is there water on the moon?
- What about stem cell research?
- And many more!