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Guide to Sunday School Curriculum

Here at the KJV Store, we are the leading supplier of various types of Bibles, including KJV Bibles, Spanish Bibles, and a large collection of Christian books and literature. We have an array of different Bogard Press Sunday school curriculum books and products that will help children of all ages learn and grow within their faith. While there are several different curriculums from the Bogard Sunday school that we emphasize, Bogard Press focuses on four main types of literature.

Firstly, we have a range of books and products that teach the SPLAT curriculum. SPLAT stands for Share, Pray, Learn, Apply, and Tell. These five techniques are essential in helping kids be actively engaged during Bible studies.

  • SHARE time allows children to get to know each other and helps form and build relationships between current classmates and their teacher.  
  • PRAYER is the next step, as it’s crucial in the formation of a Christian faith and helps teachers encourage and teach public prayer (as well as private prayer at home).
  • LEARN time is actively listening and understanding the truth in God’s Word. While emphasizing the transformational truths found in the Bible, this instruction is highly interactive with fun games and role-playing activities for children to expand their studies.
  • APPLY refers to helping children apply their studies to everyday life, and to truly understand what the Bible teachings mean to them.
  • TELL is the last step and encourages children to tell others about Jesus and be an example through his teachings.

Another popular type of literature for teachers that offer Sunday  school curriculum is Bible Basics.  This standard curriculum is for children anywhere between the ages of 2 and 6 to help understand the simple fundamentals of Bible through various activities, such as story time, make and takes, teachers guide, and visual aids. These courses provide a fun way to help students understand the Word of God and include a weekly Bible verse to accompany the lessons. It will also help children to develop strong relationships with their peers and teach them how to apply the lessons to everyday life.  

KJV Store’s most popular and best-selling Bogard Press Bible literature is our Teen – Adult Curriculum. The adult curriculum, better known as our Through the Bible Series, are thorough lesson plans which are exclusive to KJV studies. This study guide provides a holistic approach, covering a deep understanding of biblical ideals as it applies to everyday life. These programs are offered on a quarterly basis and offer segmented commentary for your daily studies. The large print study guide is also offered on a full size sheet of paper for added convenience. In addition, the high school and teen lesson plans are offered as stand-alone curriculum to help guide our young adults as they face this difficult time in their lives.

The last highly regarded type of Sunday school curriculum we offer here at the KJV store is the Baptist Training Course through Bogard Press. Ranging from preschool to adult, these courses provide in-depth training regarding Bible principles as they relate to everyday applications. This enriched resource material helps each age group as they develop their Christian lives as well as their faith. This curriculum is highly versatile and can be used for evening bible classes or as an alternative to the other 3 materials mentioned above. 


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