God's Wisdom for Marriage & The Home

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Author: Pastor Scott Markle

God's Wisdom for Marriage & the Home is an incredible, thorough, exhaustive study on the home and family issues. The flowing writing style and candid explanations of Scripture by Bro. Markle are followed in each chapter by "Truth for Meditation," contemplation, and review. It is suitable for use in a variety of settings such as Sunday School, as a college level curriculum, or simply as a pastoral counseling tool. It will be a great blessing to anyone that uses it.

From the Author:
"Through wisdom is an house builded;
And by understanding it is established."
- Proverbs 24:3

Brethren, how important is it for us to know, understand, and follow God’s wisdom concerning the home? Certainly all of us in one manner or another, either as a child, as a spouse, as a parent, or as a sibling, have had, and may yet have, a relationship with the home. In fact, most of us expect to have some relationship with the home for the entire extent of our lives. Thus the home is a significant element of our lives from beginning to end. Furthermore, the marriage relationship itself is of primary significance in most of our lives. Yes, our Lord does indeed call some to be single. Yet the majority of us will enter into the marriage relationship, and for most of us that relationship will extend over the majority of our lives. Yea, even before we enter into the marriage relationship, we generally spend some period of time thinking about, planning for, and developing relationships that might lead to marriage. Thus the marriage relationship is indeed a significant element in our lives.

Finally, the marriage and home relationships are the foundational building block of society. As goes the marriage, so goes the home. As goes the home; so goes the church, and so goes the country. Since marriage and the home are so significant to our existence in this present life, certainly it is of great importance that we find trustworthy guidance concerning their success. How much more trustworthy guidance may we find than that of the wisdom of the Lord our God!