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"For me to lead souls to Christ, I need a Bible. I have learned that not just any Bible will do. I want a Bible that is completely accurate, with nothing missing. In 1602 God provided the Spanish-speaking world His precious words in the Reina-Valera Bible.

However, after 1602, modernistic, ecumenical Bible societies got their hands on our Received Text-based Protestant Bible in Spanish and corrupted it by incorporating Alexandrian Critical Texts.

For several years, I was puzzled over which Spanish Bible I should use. They all had problems. I prayed that God would raise up some brave Hispanic Bible believer to revise the Reina-Valera Bible by replacing the corruptions with pure readings that reflected the Received Texts.

God answered my prayer. This book reveals the history behind the making of the Reina-Valera Gómez Bible (RVG) and expresses the true motives and desires that drove this work.

Following this fascinating history is a 44 page chart showing the corruptions that found their way into our Bibles, and how they are corrected in the RVG.

Emanuel Rodriguez

***Available in English or Spanish.

Chapter 1
About Dr. Humberto Gómez
Trouble and prison
Humerto Gómez gets saved
Family members get saved
The call to preach
Introduction to the Bible version issue
Work on the RVG begins

Chapter 2
A Brief History of the Reina-Valera Bible
The Ferrara Bible
Francisco de Enzinas
Erasmus and his Greek New Testament
The opposition of the Catholic Church
Juan Perez de Pineda
Julian the Little
Casiodoro de Reina
Cipriano de Valera

Chapter 3
The Necessity of Further Revision
Valera's desire for textual purity
Departures from the Textus Receptus in the 1602 Valera
The idea of revision revisited
The Critical Text movement
Revision work in the 1800s
The 1909 Antigua
The 1960 Reina-Valera Bible
Enter Eugene Nida
Nid'’s view of translating
The RV 1960 and the Critical Texts
Corruption in the RV 1909 and 1960

Chapter 4
Principles of the Reina-Valera Gómez Revision
The theological premise
The right philosophy of Bible translating
Word-for-word translating
Remaining true to our heritage
By Spanish speakers - for Spanish speakers
An international endeavor
The foundation
The standard
The important role of the King James Version

Chapter 5
The Making of the Reina-Valera Gómez Bible
The Spanish base text
Dr. Gómez goes full-time
The first edition is printed
The role of Jim and Tim Fellure
A worldwide collaboration
Carlos Donate
Dr. Donald A. Waite
Dr. Rex Cobb
Joseph Martinez
David W. Daniels
Reynaldo Villareal Jr.
Michael Lemma
Nelson Gimenez
Shane Rice
Ulises Velazquez Galindo
Donald Heinz
The contribution of the critics
Why is it copyrighted?

Chapter 6
Removing Hell from the Bible
The dangers of transliteration
Old Testament transliteration
New Testament translation
Hades: Hell or the grave?
2 Peter 2:4 explained
Modern Bibles follow modern patterns

Chapter 7
Twenty Reasons a Veteran Hispanic Missionary Endorses the RVG

Chapter 8
8 Reasons the President of a Bible Society Endorses the RVG
Because of its base text
Because it is based on sound doctrine
Because of those who created and endorse it
Because it has convinced honest skeptics
Because of the demand for it
Because of its availability
Because it has an honest name
Because of its critics

Chapter 9
Do You Have the Courage to Stand?

Chapter 10
The Price that was Paid

Chapter 11
Testimonies and Endorsements
A Bible printer
A native Mexican pastor
The premier defender of the Received Texts
A veteran Bible translator
More testimonies

Spanish Bible Verse Comparisons