Cruden's Complete Concordance (Hendrickson)

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By: Alexander Cruden

Bible students have enjoyed Cruden s easy-to-use format and portable size for over 250 years. Available in both cloth and soft cover editions, this valuable reference is handy for fast word studies or just for finding a favorite passage. It is ideal for busy Bible students, teachers, and pastors who need a convenient and portable concordance.

"Cruden's Complete Concordance" enables the reader to quickly locate all of the occurrences of any given word in the Bible.

- Includes an alphabetical listing of every word in the King James Version, along with over 200,000 chapter and verse references
- A complete concordance to proper names in Scripture
- Handy for word studies or just for tracking down a favorite passage
- Cruden's original notes and comments on Bible places, names, and types
- Names and titles given to Jesus Christ
- Titles and description applied to the Church