Barrels of Peace and Buckets of Joy

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Independently Published
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$16.00 - $20.00
$15.00 - $18.00


It is at the dead-ends that God's glorious power is shown! It's through life's agitation that a Christ-like heart is known. When we pull ourselves back to God's precious word, we run the race by His instructions we have heard. We say 'all this and Jesus too' as we thank our God in prayer. We make Jesus known daily to stricken hearts elsewhere. We live in His embrace. It's there we are complete. Jesus is amazing! Through Him are barrels of His peace. His refuge is safeguarding. He is our valiant shield! We pause in life and catch our breath. To His omnipotence, we yield. Please join me through lines of poetry, and find our joyance from God above. He alone is our sustainer. He, triumphantly, is love!

About the Author
Marilyn’s poetry comes out of her life’s experiences and seeks to bring comfort and strength to the readers. Even in her physical battles, she has found joy and peace living in God’s embrace. She is married to a loving husband and together they have grown children and grandchildren.