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Teacher's Guide:
The BTC Teacher is used for all ages - Preschool, Beginner, Primary, and Junior, in accompanyment with the BTC Visuals

It Features Lesson Preparation (personal spiritual preparation), Lesson Illustration (teaching helps for the lesson) and Lesson Presentation (specific instruction for each age-group).

This is an all in one teaching guide for children’s Bible study leaders. Designed to give teachers instructions on how to teach children using Baptist Training Course/Building Blocks for Life’s Preschool Listen and Learn, Beginner Quarterly, Primary Quarterly, Junior Quarterly and BTC Visuals.

The book contains several elements to help teachers prepare to lead their Bible study times. The Lesson preparation is to help the teacher become familiar with the Scripture text and the biblical truth that each lesson is meant to communicate. The Lesson Illustration provides options that teachers to add to their own lessons to help their students further understand the Bible. The Lesson Presentation provides specific instructions on how to teach each lesson for each age group covered in the BTC Teacher (Preschool-Junior).

Summer 2024 Quarter at a Glance


1. Happy When I Am Humble (Matthew 5:1-3; Luke 7:1-10)
2. Happy When I Am Sad (Matthew 5:4; Luke 22:54-62)
3. Happy When I Am Meeks (Matthew 5:5; 1 Samuel 24:1-19)
4. Happy When I Am Hungry (Matthew 5:6; Luke 15:1-32)
5. Happy When I Show Mercy (Matthew 5:7; Luke 10:25-37)
6. Happy When I Have a Pure Heart (Matthew 5:8; Daniel 1:8-21)
7. Happy When I Make Peace (Matthew 5:9; Genesis 13:5-9)
8. Happy When I Am Mistreated (Matthew 5:10; Acts 16:22-34)
9. Happy When I Am Laughed At (Matthew 5:11, 12; Genesis 37:5, 11-20)
10. Happy When I Help Others (Matthew 5:13-16; Acts 19:8, 18-20)
11. Happy When I Serve God (Matthew 6:19-24; Luke 18:18-27)
12. Happy When I Depend on God (Matthew 6:25-34; 1 Kings 17:1-6)
13. Happy When I Listen and Obey (Matthew 7:24-27; James 1:22-25)

1. The student will know his need for God.
2. The student will be sad because of his sins and repent toward God.
3. The student will treat others with a kind and gentle spirit.
4. The student will know true happiness comes from wanting to be right with God.
5. The student will want to help people in need.
6. The student will say he wants to please God in his thoughts, words and actions.
7. The student will try to get along with others and encourage others to get along with one another.
8. The student will explain why some people mistreat him when he tries to do what is right.
9. The student will discuss rewards for suffering ridicule for Christ’s sake.
10. The student will try to influence others by living a godly life before them.
11. The student will tell why eternal treasures are better than earthly belongings.
12. The student will discuss how God provides for him and desires to be first in his life.
13. The student will explain that it is always wise to listen to and do what God’s Word says.

Baptist Training Course Overview:
Baptist Training Course is a comprehensive, 13 Week / Quarterly Sunday School Curriculum with materials designed to teach ages Preschool through Adults. Baptist Training Course materials will enable any church class to focus on specific topics that will make Biblical principles applicable to personal needs. The BTC training program will teach any student at any age the practical principles necessary to enrich their Christian testimony and life.

These materials can be used for Sunday or Wednesday evening Bible study classes OR as a viable Every Sunday alternative to SPLAT and the regular Teen through Adult Every Sunday Curriculum.  It also makes a quality study for mens or ladies meetings.

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