Why Reading the Bible Helps Improve Our Faith

Why Reading the Bible Helps Improve Our Faith

When reading Scripture the first couple of times, it might come off as impersonal. Before you can understand its message, you must first understand why the book is special and why people cling to it.

After getting to know the stories and characters, you can work your way into the teachings and prophecies. From there, you can connect to things a little better. Once you finish both Testaments, you will realize that what is currently happening to you happened back then as well. Reading the Bible helps improve our faith because it opens our minds and our hearts.

Releases Us From Bondage

Whatever transgressions suffered, we must hold onto them. This is the reality of what it means to be human.

Although, for a firm believer, these things may be true, forgiveness is also at hand. With this forgiveness, a person can start anew and have a better life. The individual may live spiritually and move on with their lives. No matter if you start out reading the English Standard Version (ESV) or you’re on to the King James Bible 1611 version, you should still have no problem finding yourself in the book.

It Brings Us Hope and Joy

Learning about what the Hebrew people had to go through—all their trials, downfalls, and successes—allows us, as the readers, to feel a sense of hope. We learn that these people had nothing but their faith. Faith alone led them through the desert for generations until they finally found true liberation. You can relate to them personally when you think about the tribulations in your life and bond with them.

Promotes Wisdom

Faith is a certain type of wisdom gained through study and reflection. Only after you understand and internalize the Scripture’s teachings can you have faith.

If you were wondering why reading helps to improve our faith, then look no further. This outline clearly discusses what you need to know. Many people read the Bible to help develop in their faith.