Reasons Why You Should Read the Bible Every Day

Too often, an attractive, leather-bound edition of the King James Bible sits on its owner’s coffee table, drawing attention and inspiring awe, but not serving its real purpose—teaching valuable lessons and fortifying its reader’s faith. While church services may only be once a week, devoting just a few minutes each day to a Bible reading can be a very enriching and nourishing exercise. Consider these three reasons why you should read the Bible every day.

Spiritual Exercise

Even if it’s only some light cardio, it’s healthy to get some exercise each day and burn calories, especially if you spend eight hours a day working at a desk. Mental exercise is important, too—doing crossword puzzles or sudoku can help keep your mind sharp as you go through daily routines. Just as you need physical exercise and mental exercise, daily Bible study acts as a spiritual exercise by keeping you in touch with God and His word. The world can wear you down, and revisiting your favorite Bible chapters or exploring less-covered pages can be as replenishing as that hour of yoga.

Modeling Positive Behavior

If you have kids, reading is as important for you as it is for them. You can be a role model by making Scripture readings part of your daily routine. Children who grow up in households with books and people who read them are more likely to enjoy lifelong literacy and the benefits of advanced comprehension and critical thinking. Reading the Bible daily doesn’t just demonstrate your spirituality; it shows a love of literature that can begin with the Bible and spread across your full library.

Facilitate Study Habits

When you don’t make a daily ritual out of Bible reading, it can be harder to pick up where you left off. One of the best reasons why you should read the Bible every day is that it’s easier than reading it once a week, once a month, or even more sporadically than that. Planning for daily reading allows you to apply one of many Bible study methods to your reading to derive further meaning. By taking notes as you read or study, which is easy with a wide-margin KJV Bible, you can aid your memory retention and have those notes there for you the next day and beyond. Remember: a book this good is meant to be read.