7 Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Kids That Point to Jesus

7 Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Kids That Point to Jesus

Easter is a joyous time for Christians and anyone interested in the Christian faith. One of the ways many people celebrate is with Easter baskets. If you want your children to participate in this fun tradition but don’t want them to forget how important Jesus is, we have seven Easter basket gift ideas that point to Jesus. The following gifts are for kids of all ages since they never outgrow presents, love, and the hope of salvation.

Jesus Loves Me Musical Plush Toy

While you can find a range of plush, cuddly toys that play Christian music or prayers, the soft Jesus Loves Me Lamb is one of our favorites. The comforting melody can soothe your little one to sleep. However, you shouldn’t put the toy in the bed with them until they’re at least a year old to decrease the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

The Jesus Loves Me Lamb isn’t just a toy, though. A gift like this is a gentle yet impactful way to remind your child of the divine love of Jesus, even when they rest or play. As they age, they may even view this item as a special keepsake to pass on to their own children someday.

Christian Activity Books

Introduce the thrill of discovery to your little one’s Easter basket with Christian activity books. These books are usually for children ages two to 10, and they’re brimming with pages of Jesus and other biblical characters that bring timeless stories to life when your child colors them in. Many of these books also contain sticker sheets, games, and other activities that make learning about the Christian faith a hands-on, interactive experience.

These activity books aren’t just fun; they’re a playful gateway to meaningful conversations about Jesus and His teachings. They kindle curiosity while instilling Christian values, offering an enriching blend of entertainment and education. This is the perfect gift that entertains, educates, and illuminates the path to Jesus.

Resurrection Eggs

Add color and meaning to your child’s Easter basket with Resurrection eggs. Perfect for children aged three and above, these vibrant eggs are more than just a festive treat for the eyes. Each egg encloses a unique symbol that’s intricately connected to the story of Jesus’s Resurrection. As children unwrap each egg, they unveil a piece of the greatest story ever told—Jesus’s triumphant victory over death and the whole reason we celebrate Easter. Unfolding this tale in a fun and tangible way, Resurrection eggs minister the profound truth of Jesus’s love and sacrifice, making Easter more than just a chocolate-filled holiday.

Since this gift helps illustrate the story of Easter, you can also give your child these eggs before Easter day. Kids can open one egg each day leading up to Easter like they would an Advent calendar. If you still want to give the eggs on Easter but want to make the giving more fun, use them for your Easter egg hunt. As your child finds them around your house or yard, you can open them and discuss the symbols. Hide the last one in their baskets to bring them back inside and finish the story.

365 Classic Bedtime Bible Stories

Present the magic of storytelling and the wisdom of faith to your little one with the 365 Classic Bedtime Bible Stories book. This delightful book, perfect for children aged three and above, transforms your child’s bedtime routine into a spiritually enriching journey. Through its vivid illustrations and captivating narratives, it introduces children to the Bible in a way that they can understand and appreciate. Since the entire Bible points to Jesus, this is a great Easter gift.

This book offers a story for each night of the year and sparks meaningful discussions about important Bible stories and Jesus’s teachings. Like the other items on this list, it’s more than a gift. 365 Classic Bedtime Bible Stories offers a fun, interactive portal that establishes a solid foundation for faith. Reading it together also allows you and your child to bond and encourages a lifelong love of reading.

Christian Jigsaw Puzzles

Older children may feel less enthusiastic about some of the above suggestions. Some may even think the idea of an Easter basket is childish. However, since Jesus gifted us eternal life at Easter, it makes sense that we want to give gifts as well. Christian jigsaw puzzles make a great gift for older children since they aren’t toys or simple storybooks like our previous ideas. Puzzles can be challenging, and people of all ages enjoy them.

When you give them a Christian puzzle that depicts the life of Jesus or another major Biblical event, you subtly instill the teachings of Jesus while fostering problem-solving and cognitive skills. You can find a puzzle for your kid’s age and abilities or gift them something more challenging that the two of you can do together. After the puzzle is done, consider gluing it together so you can hang it on a wall or otherwise display it.

Christian Jewelry

Jewelry is another great gift idea for older children and teenagers. You can find masculine and feminine options, depending on what the recipient will enjoy. You can find jewelry depicting crosses, empty tombs, and other important Bible stories. Many pieces are about Jesus or Jesus’s teachings, such as depictions of sheep or lockets with a tiny mustard seed inside. Giving your older children Jesus-centric jewelry will help them focus on the purpose of this holiday, not the candy in their baskets.

KJV Scofield Study Bible

Filled with insightful scriptures and explanations, a KJV Scofield Study Bible fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of Jesus’s teachings that your teens and any other reader will appreciate. As they journey through its pages, they’ll uncover the profound wisdom of Jesus’s life and teachings, strengthening their faith and guiding their path. This Bible is more than just a gift; it’s a life-changing tool that helps young people draw closer to Jesus, illuminating their faith journey in profound ways.

Consider gifting this new Bible before you go to your Easter church service so the recipient can use it right away. Add a Bible cover, highlighter or pen set, bookmark, or another accessory to make the gift a little more fun.

These seven Easter basket gift ideas for kids point to Jesus as the reason for celebrating while giving them something new and fun to celebrate with. The KJV Store offers many of these presents, including Scofield Study Bibles, so you can do all your shopping in one place.

7 Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Kids That Point to Jesus