5 Ways Trusting in God Will Benefit Your Life

5 Ways Trusting in God Will Benefit Your Life

There is a plateau that many people experience at some point in their lives. This plateau is where they may choose whether to believe in a higher power. Here are five ways trusting in God will benefit your life if you choose to believe.

A Different Perspective

If you’re a follower of any major religion—or if you consider yourself spiritual but don’t define yourself according to any major religious bodies—you most likely believe in some superior power or entity in the universe.

Because we are organic life forms, we aren’t on the same dimensional platform as anything divine. Looking at creation and existence from such a hierarchical perspective makes you think in those terms. This thinking makes for a trusting and thoughtful individual, if they are honest about their beliefs and practice spirituality according to their traditions.

A Bearer of Good Fruit

Being a bearer of good fruit mean believing in doing good in the world. Whether this means being kind to everyone you meet or actively volunteering to help those in need. To help guide you along the way, we recommend carrying a large print wide margin KJV Bible wherever you go so you can always refer to the Word while practicing your faith.

However you decide to bear good fruit, trusting in God places you under the veil of the divine so good will come naturally and benefit not only the lives you are positively impacting, but your life as well.

A Peaceful Heart and Mind

Your worries about life and how things will work out seem to vanish when you learn to trust in God. To know true peace in heart and mind requires putting all your trust in God and believing wholly in the divine. Once you can allow yourself to be led by a higher purpose in directions you could not fully understand but may have always dreamed of, you can better understand how God can benefit your life.

Strength and Protection

By walking faithfully in your spiritual practices on a daily basis, you can grow in strength. This growth can then lead to mastery in everything you set out to do in your life, and away from thoughts of whether you can do it or not. This is how you are strengthened and protected—and because you are so faithful, God will see you succeed in your goals.

Though we have outlined five ways trusting God can benefit your life, those benefits can only occur if you decide to trust and believe. As the often-paraphrased scripture from James 2:14-26 says, “faith without works is dead.”