5 of the Most Famous Stories From the Bible

5 of the Most Famous Stories From the Bible

Most of the time, we read a book that contains one central story. While some books contain subplots and side quests, there is almost always a central thread or plot to follow. The Bible is no different.

Jesus is the central thread of the Bible, connecting everything from Genesis to Revelation. Along this thread, readers can discover iconic stories that Christians and non-Christians both recognize. Five of the most famous stories from the Bible are below, displaying the centrality of Jesus among various storylines.

Adam, Eve, and Sin from Genesis

Creation stories are fascinating to fans of literature, history, and global cultures. The Bible’s creation story features God building our world, starting with light and ending with humanity. First, God creates a man from dirt; then, a woman from a rib in the man’s side. These first two humans are Adam and Eve. We also know that these individuals disobey God’s order concerning what they can eat, bringing sin into the world in Genesis 3.

Noah’s Ark and the Global Flood in Genesis

A famous story that many know also features sin. God looks down on the world and sees that it is so sinful, he regrets making it. He decides to flood the world, purging it from evil. The only people God wants to survive are Noah and his family since they are God-fearing. God instructs Noah to build an ark to preserve his family and select male and female animals to survive the flood with them. You can find the entire iconic story in Genesis 6-9.

David Defeats Goliath in 1 Samuel

Many famous stories bridge Noah to David, such as Moses leading Israel out of Egypt and Ruth falling in love with Boaz. The story of David defeating Goliath is perhaps more famous than these because so many find it inspiring. Although David was just a shepherd boy, God used him to defeat the giant Goliath from the Philistine army in Genesis 17. Then, David grows up to rule the entire nation of Israel, and Jesus is born from his lineage.

Jesus’s Virgin Birth from the Gospels

As we mentioned above, Jesus is the central thread of the Bible. He was born from David’s lineage because the world needed a savior from sin. However, the circumstances of his birth are unique and famous. Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of a virgin girl named Mary, completing the Holy Trinity—God, the Father, Jesus, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. With a human mother, God as his father, and his role in the Trinity combined, Jesus was perfect and therefore the only option for a savior. All four Gospels chronicle his life: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

Jesus’s Death and Resurrection from the Gospels

Perhaps the most famous story from the Bible is Jesus’s death and resurrection. Jesus’s death permanently paid for the sins of the world, both in history and in the future. He defeated sin and death when he rose from the grave three days after his burial so that imperfect humans could receive salvation. You can find this story in all four Gospels.

These five stories are famous and cover the arc of the entire Bible. You can purchase a 1611 King James Version Bible from the KJV Store and read these stories yourself. The 1611 edition allows you to read these famous stories in their first English translation.