5 Great Baptism Gifts To Celebrate the Blessing

5 Great Baptism Gifts To Celebrate the Blessing

Baptism is a special time in anyone’s life, whether their family baptizes them as an infant or they make a profession of faith during their adulthood. You can celebrate this commitment of faith with gifts. We provide five great baptism gift ideas to celebrate the blessing of baptism and faith below. They are appropriate for new Christians of all ages.

Baptism Christmas Ornament

No matter what time of year of the baptism, an engraved Christmas ornament celebrating their baptism is a great gift. Parents can hang the ornament on the tree for a child to see as they grow up. Adults can hang it on their own tree to help them reflect on their faith during the religious holiday.

Cross Necklace

A cross necklace is another great gift idea for someone who was baptized. It’s a simple yet profound way to show the significance of the event. Young children may have to wait before they can safely wear a necklace, but that only makes it more special. Whether it’s a silver, gold, or wooden cross, a necklace is a gift someone can cherish for life.

Prayer Journal

A prayer journal is an excellent idea for those who want to continue to connect with God even after their baptism. It provides an outlet for expressing their thoughts, feelings, and prayers. A personalized journal with their name or favorite bible verse is a thoughtful gift for any Christian, especially after their baptism. You can gift this to families when they baptize their infant so that they can record prayers for them as well.

Wall Art

A piece of artwork that includes a Bible verse or spiritual quote is another way someone who was recently baptized can continue to connect with their faith. It’s a beautiful gift that serves as a daily reminder of the significance of the baptism. You can gift an abstract piece or something more detailed, depending on the person’s taste.

Study Bible

A study Bible is a great baptism gift idea for anyone who is serious about diving further into their Christian faith. It provides an in-depth look at scripture, with additional notes and commentary to help them better understand what they read. These helpful additions are why some people call study Bibles learning Bibles. No matter what you call it, this is a gift that will last a lifetime.

Baptism is a special time to celebrate faith and support one’s spiritual journey. These five great gifts will help the recipient celebrate the blessing of baptism in their life. The KJV Store offers learning Bibles that your recently baptized loved one will appreciate and use for years to come. Even if they’re a child, they can save your gift until they’re old enough to read and understand all the helpful notes.