5 Benefits of Purchasing a Wide Margin Bible

Not all Bibles are identical, and that’s due to the interests of different readers and believers. There are differences in place so that people can get what they want out of the version that they choose. These differences aren’t solely in the text and how it is formatted, but also in how the book is constructed and used. When you’re in the market for a new Bible, you might consider the five benefits of purchasing a wide-margin Bible for its ease of use.

For Study

Many people who read the Bible find solace in studying the scriptures. Whether you’re a believer or not, you can still gain a lot from the ancient words that are all very relatable to contemporary life.

The more you put yourself into the text, the more personal it becomes to the reader through all the allegory and philosophy, poetry, and prophetic readings that are all-encompassing within the text. There is no shortage of information and insight that you cannot find within this massive grouping of texts, all within one book. The reflection taken from the accounts and words allows spiritual growth from within the reader as they discover and become more familiar with the text.

Helps With Vision

Others enjoy the wide margin Bible because everything in print provides space for notation, and the print is larger for easier reading. These particular versions of the Bible are easy to follow as the strain on your eyes is minimal, and they also allow your mind to focus as you can immerse yourself into the text.

Whether you are young or old, if this version works for you and makes it easier to follow along in your understanding, it’s a good enough reason enough to have a text like this one. Some also suffer from physical disabilities that inflict them with vision problems, making it more difficult for them to read normal-sized text. This version gives them the ability to read comfortably due to its construction.

Assists With Sermons

You might notice that some people read along with the minister or preacher while in church service on Wednesday and Sunday to better understand what is being said and taught. By doing this, the text makes itself very clear about when the preacher is orating passages to the congregation.

When you’re able to read along with the preacher and you can determine the deeper truths of scripture, it’s because you have an oral aid with a visual aid to help you better construct the sermon in your mind.

Two Column Option

If you’re into cross-referencing information, then you might enjoy having two columns per page in your wide-margin Bible. This is for the serious student of Biblical literature who is looking for clues and answers to cross-examine so that they can piece together timelines and sayings throughout these texts. Notation and annotation through the side margins make it easy to reference these sermon teachings and whatever the interpreter picks up throughout the course of the lecture.

Taking notes like this is how to truly make the best use of your margins in a wide margin Bible. It can be challenging to remember things over time, no matter how hard you might have studied something, so making notes and reference points and utilizing other passages and numbers will help you piece together what you discover.

Available Outlines

One succession that has come from wide margin Bibles is the ability to quickly search and find the answers you seek. If your notes are all directly connected and referenced, you can whip up an outline for a sermon or a study guide in no time.

Having an outline at hand makes for quick and easy work when you need to reference without re-examining the entire section or book all at once. This is wonderful, especially if you’re referencing other books for the first time or attempting to uncover other truths that support any ideas you develop for sermons or writing outlines. They are also excellent as a refresher when you need to jog your mind about a particular story or topic of spiritual reflection.

Prayer Formation

When you’re reading spiritual literature, you will find many personal things to you. This is very important for all the issues and shortcomings that we have in our lives. As we see these passages and scriptures that have deep meaning, they become our deepest prayers, and we revisit them often for solace and peace.

Some passages aren’t even meant to be prayerful and yet are used for such purposes, while others are directly meant for those uses and are used daily for praying. But the scriptures are full of inspiration and spiritual meaning. For instance, there may be passages in a story that directly relate back to your life or something involving a current situation you have been which required prayer; although those passages may not be the most referenced for praying, you can certainly use them for this.

Lasting Quality

If you’re in the business of looking for a new Bible and you decide that you want a wide-margin Bible, you will not be disappointed. While there are some variations out there, they are mainly the same. What you get in return for the wide margin Bible is an easy-to-reference spiritual work that allows you to notate and cross-examine other passages. In turn, these passages could directly relate to any passage you look for with clarity and ease.

The pages are hemmed and glued in place, never to be loose or out of order. The spine is sheer perfection for this exact reason. The outer cover is usually made of genuine leather, and there is typically gold trim around the edges of each page to leave a lasting shimmer when the book is closed, indicating how special it is.

There should also be a silk ribbon sewn in that is your bookmark to stop and start your reading at will. Together, all these things make for a Bible that will hold up for a lifetime.

We just listed five benefits of purchasing a wide margin Bible with the details listed to help you. If you’re looking for something with referencing biblical passages, Bible study, and notation, then this may be the book for you.

5 Benefits of Purchasing a Wide Margin Bible