3 Ways To Encourage Children’s Bible Time

3 Ways To Encourage Children’s Bible Time

Raising their children is one of the most important duties that parents and guardians have. While there’s no singular way to raise children right, many people agree that children should learn ethics at an early age. One way that many children learn ethics is through religion and holy books. The Bible is one of the most popular holy books and is full of many important histories and stories that help teach ethics to anyone who reads it.

If you want to encourage children’s Bible time so that they learn these ethics, we have some helpful suggestions to make it easier. Keep reading to learn about three ways to encourage your children’s ethical education.

Build a Bible Time Routine

Children thrive on routine. If you want to encourage them to do something often, you need to build it into a routine that works for them. Figure out the best time each day or week for your child to spend time with the Bible on their own, in a group, or with you.

Do the same or similar activities before and after Bible time to solidify this routine. For example, if your child attends a weekly Bible study on Wednesday evenings, go out to dinner together before and help them with their homework after. This way, Bible time, just like meals and homework, is a part of their routine.

Play With the Bible

Christians believe that the Bible is the Word of God. Whether or not you believe that, you should still handle this important book with an appropriate amount of respect while you help your children study it. Playing with the Bible doesn’t sound very respectful or much like studying, but you can make it so.

Read the Bible lesson ahead of time and plan a related form of play. Is your child going to read about the Ten Commandments? Draw a numbered hopscotch board and have your child recite each commandment as they land on the corresponding number. Will they read about Jesus washing his disciples’ feet? Line up their toys, such as dolls and stuffed animals, and give your child a wet wipe to clean their feet. Playing will help them understand the themes of what they’re reading, so any way you can work it in will benefit them.

Let Them Mark Their Bibles

The idea of letting a child draw in any book, especially the Bible, sounds crazy. However, many adults take notes and even draw related pictures in the margins of their Bible. These notes and drawings help them focus and remember what they’re learning. We can give our children the same opportunity with a large print, wide-margin KJV Bible. Let them mark in the wide margins, spell out related words, or sketch related pictures. If you worry that your child is too young to stay in the margins, let them make similar notes or drawings in a notebook that you keep near their Bible.

There are many ways to encourage children’s Bible time. Buying them their own Bible and helping them build a study routine, play with their lessons, and take their own notes will help them feel confident in their study. The KJV Store is proud to sell many Bibles, including ones that are perfect for you and your child to read and study together.