3 Tips to Get Your Children Interested in the Bible

3 Tips to Get Your Children Interested in the Bible

Sometimes we need to take a step back and listen to the needs of our children so that we can better understand their perception of things. This is when we can start incorporating Bible study and lessons to help them engage in spiritual truths by introducing them to the Bible from an angle they can relate to. Here are three tips to get your children interested in the Bible.

Give Them Their Own Bible

If you find a Bible that is appropriate for your child’s age, then you’re already headed in the right direction. Half the battle with kids is finding a way to relate to them.

Sometimes this can be a real challenge since children’s attention spans are less than what adults are. However, if you can continually keep them interested then you will notice that they will be eager to learn.

By having something tangible to hold onto and read from, children will have a Bible that they can engage with, making it easier for them to relate to you when you have Bible study and prayer time together. Be on the lookout for study Bibles for sale that pertain to your child’s age bracket, and you can be sure they will love them.

Start Praying Early

Before you go to sleep, before receiving a gift, or even before you eat a meal are all acceptable and wonderful ways to incorporate prayer. By teaching your children to pray, you will be able to show them what gratitude means. Then you can start to build on the fundamentals of spirituality and the Bible from a very practical level that they can grasp. This will be important as your child develops as you continue to teach them in this manner. They will begin to live spiritually after understanding what it means to pray and give thanks for everything and everyone.

Daily Bible Study

Bible study is ideally where everyone wants to start, but the fundamentals must be met first. The Bible is set up for children to easily learn relatable stories.

Prayer will help to incorporate the ideals necessary for your child to make all the spiritual and theological connections that they will use daily through prayer and study.

These were just three tips to get your children interested in the Bible, but this is only a reference. You can make this as creative and interesting as your imagination will allow. The important thing is that you keep your child’s interests active. Thus, you will have no problem teaching them.