1611 King James Bible

1611 King James Bible

At TheKJVStore.com, we offer a 1611 King James Bible that is a perfect facsimile of the original 1611 Bible. It includes the Apocrypha and the original preface. The translators' notes are incorporated into it for your clearer understanding, as well as Alfred Pollard's very hard-to-find essay on Biblical translations. Perhaps the biggest difference between the 1611 and 1769 versions of the Bible is spelling. For instance, there was no letter "J" in 1611 so "Jesus" was spelled "Iesus." Additionally, many "E"s were added at the ends of words and "V"s were used where "U"s are now.

The KJV Store offers three versions of the 1611 KJV Bible. The Regular Edition Facsimile Reproduction of the 1611 First Edition King James Bible is an exact copy of the 1611 KJV. It is not a reprint; it was created by computer-scanning the original onto heavy cream paper. Measuring 11X8 inches, it's bound in black leather with gold stamping. They also offer a KJV 1611 Bible with a smaller roman typeface, the only change made to the replica 1611 KJV Bibles.

The Deluxe edition is a 100% exact replica of the very first King James Bible ever made, right down to the 100% rag cotton linen sheeting. All of the materials used are exactly the same as in 1611. The only difference is that the price is 1/100th what an original 1611 printing would cost. Made of the highest quality leather with extra heavy-duty stitching, this Bible measures 171/2 x 12 inches, and it's 5 inches thick. It takes two people to move it! This is a very limited edition 1611 KJV; only 1,611 copies were made. That said, the 1611 KJV is a must have for the serious Bible collector.

If you want the true replica KJV Bible, you owe it to yourself to go with the real thing; the 1611 edition. The KJV Store's bibles are carefully and faithfully reproduced to pay homage to the original. They have the look and feel of a valuable collector item. Order today from TheKJVStore.com or email them at info@TheKJVStore.com.

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