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About Us

The KJV Store.com is the premier online source for King James Version Bibles, Books, Church Supplies, Gifts, and conservative Christian products. Offering the most comprehensive selection of KJV bibles and products in the world, The KJV Store also features an excellent selection of conservative Spanish and foreign language bibles considered to be comparable to the KJV in English.

As modern-day Christian Retail stores (the few that remain in the internet age) move further away from the King James Bible to make room for the "newest" and "hottest" translations, The KJV Store / TheKJVStore.com strives to stand in the gap for the conservative King James Bible believer. Our mission is to lift up and raise awareness of the timeless beauty and trusted accuracy of the KJV while filling the void of an under-served market, and to do so in a Christ-like manner. It is also our conviction to put the true word of God into the hands of our customers, and for this reason, we will not sell any modern translations or revisions of the Holy Scriptures.

The KJV Store (www.TheKJVStore.com) strives to become the most well-known and trusted name in the conservative, fundamental, King James Bible believing market.

Our Story

The company was born in May of 2004 when the founder's father (a fundamental, KJV Bible believing pastor in Texas) was looking to purchase a new KJV Bible. After a long and fruitless search through retail stores and websites, it seemed impossible to find a good selection of KJV Bibles at discounted prices. Understanding and sharing his dad's admiration, affection, and exclusive use of the King James Bible (as God’s Word in English), and recognizing the need for a store that promoted this unique KJV stance, led to the twenty-two-year-old son's initial concept and basis for The KJV Store. With God's help, The KJV Store has transformed from a once fleeting thought into a thriving online and catalog business that has distributed well over 1 Million King James Bibles and Products to date and counting. The store's simple policy is to not sell any modern translations or revisions of the Holy Scriptures. As it pertains to the Bible in the English language, "If it doesn't say King James Version, you didn't buy it here." 

Why Only KJV?

We believe...the Bible, as compiled in the 66 books of both the Old and New Testament, and excluding the Apocrypha, is the inspired, infallible, and authoritative written word of God. Furthermore, The KJV Store believes that we have the inspired, infallible, inerrant word of God preserved in the King James Version of the Bible for English-speaking people.

Many Christian organizations and websites will openly claim that the Bible is the word of God, but there are few that will take a stance on exactly which English Bible they are specifically talking about. The past century alone has spawned literally hundreds of newer and supposedly "better" English Bible translations. Each one of these new versions differs from each other greatly in translation and in content. This statement is proven by the presence of a copyright. To legally earn a copyrighted status for any Bible, that translation must be individually unique and substantially different from any previously written versions of the same work. The all-important question is: "How can all of these modern translations be the inerrant and perfect word of God in English if they all say different things?"  God is not the author of confusion... (I Corinthians 14:33a).  We believe that there has to be a standard (Psalm 12:6), and that the unwavering, timeless standard for the true word of God in English is the King James Version Bible.

The "copyright" reference stated above merely scratches the surface of the King James Bible issue. For a more in depth look at the King James Bible and our company stance, we humbly appeal to the numerous authors of books on the KJV who go into much greater detail in their works: Christian Books > Why KJV?.

Why Buy from The KJV Store?

  • Always King James Version. 
    At The KJV Store, “KJV” is our Middle Name!  Not only can you not beat our selection of KJV products, but you also can't beat the fact that our English Bibles and materials are ALWAYS KJV. No more having to specify which translation of the Bible you are looking for to an unknowing sales rep. Whether it’s a bible, book, hymnal, curriculum, or greeting card, welcome to a store where you will never have to ask the question, "Is it King James Version?". At The KJV Store, the answer will always be, "If it doesn't say King James Version, you didn't buy it here."

  • Best Selection of KJV Bibles Period.  
    When it comes to the KJV, (as our name says) we truly are the KJV specialists. Our store features over 3,000 KJV products and counting.  If it's a currently in print and in stock King James Bible, from any bible publisher, big or small, you'll likely already find it on our website. If you happen to find or know of a newly published KJV Bible that is not currently on our site, please let us know, and we'll exhaust all efforts to get it and offer it at a lower price than where you found it.

  • Caring Customer Service. 
    The company's founder and associates are people who strive to uphold the very message and truths of the KJV products that we sell. This includes being good Stewards of the business that the Lord has graciously given us: “Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.” – 1 Corinthians 4:1 (KJV).  We believe “Good Stewardship” in accordance with sound KJV doctrine means that when customers need assistance (during business hours), they can expect to speak with a helpful and courteous Christian representative, and not a machine.  Should our current call volume (where lines are busy and we are assisting other callers) dictate that a customer must leave us a message, we promise to call them back the same day.  We further promise to promptly respond to all email inquiries, typically within the same day as well.  

    We respond to ALL customer service inquiries, whether we have the immediate answer to their question or not. This is just how we feel about our customers and how we choose to do business.  We believe that “Caring Customer Service” displays our commitment to treating our customers as brothers and sisters in Christ, and in accordance with biblical Stewardship.  We also believe in the golden rule: “Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them.” – Matthew 7:12a (KJV).

  • Outstanding Google, Facebook, and Yotpo Ratings
    The KJV Store utilizes Google Customer Reviews, which offers independent reviews from thousands of satisfied KJV Store customers that have been verified by Google.  The KJV Store consistently maintains a 4.9 Star / 98% Positive rating on Google Customer Reviews, as well as a 5 Star Rating on Facebook.  The KJV Store also collects Yotpo Reviews which can be seen on our home and product pages that are "Real Reviews from Real Customers".  Our customers can see honest reviews and experiences with our company (both good and bad, but mostly excellent!) because we value feedback from our customers and believe in transparency as a business.  

  • YouTube Channel & Video Previews of Popular KJV Bibles
    Want to actually “see” the KJV Bible you’re interested in with more than just text and pictures?  Our KJV Store YouTube Channel features Video Previews of the most popular KJV Bibles, and provides a "First Person" viewpoint of the product:

    More than 1 Million people have viewed and benefited from our helpful product videos. These video previews can be found directly on our product pages as well.  Still have a question that the in-depth video preview didn’t answer?  We are here to help, and are happy to get answers from the publisher if we do not have a specific answer readily available. 

  • Fast Delivery. 
    Most of our products (without Name Imprinting or Personalization) will ship the SAME business day of the order being placed, while most orders with Name Imprinting or Personalization will ship on the following business day of the order being placed.  Business Days and Shipping / Delivery days are defined as Monday through Friday and exclude all major U.S. Holidays and Weekends.  Standard Ground orders typically arrive within 1 week or less in the Continental United States. We also proudly serve all Military (APO/FPO), U.S. Territory, Canada, and International customers, as well as any Prison / Correctional Facility customers (***Prison / Correctional Facility orders & shipments must be placed by phone to ensure proper address configuration and shipping methods.)  Please visit our Shipping Page for more information. 

  • Secure Shopping. 
    We take online security seriously. As such, your personal information is secured with dependable high-encryption technology and SSL Certificates.  Every single page of our website and all content served (including but not limited to images, personal information, scripts, text, and transactions) is encrypted as https and secured by the BigCommerce platform.  The KJV Store also utilizes Bolt, and their secure Bolt Checkout platform, one of the most trusted names in secure payment services, for all Credit Card transactions and online orders.  Our website is 100% PCI Compliant, with all online transactions 100% facilitated by BigCommerce and Bolt, which ensures that The KJV Store never touches or sees customer payment data, ever, nor is such sensitive payment data stored on The KJV Store servers, ever.  Shop with confidence.

  • Competitive Pricing
    Most of our products feature substantial discounts, and we will gladly offer a bulk or case lot discount on just about any product. We offer consistent savings and unmatched convenience when compared to a local physical store.

  • The KJV Store Guarantee & Return Policy. 
    At TheKJVStore.com, we want to be sure that you are a satisfied customer, and we want to treat you as our brother or sister in Christ.  If we made a mistake on your order or if a defective or damaged product is received, we will replace your item immediately and pay for any applicable return shipping with no questions asked.  

    ***If you experience a problem of any kind with your order, shipment, or any item received, PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL US at 1-817-551-1500 or info@thekjvstore.com as soon as possible so that we may provide you with excellent, caring customer service and a speedy resolution.

    View Our Complete Return & Cancellation Policy Here:

    If for any reason you are not satisfied with a non-damaged, non-defective, non-imprinted product you have received, you have Fourteen (14) days to contact us by phone or email to notify us of the return and to verify the correct Return Address. Returnable items still in new condition (excluding items with Name Imprinting, Personalization, or Modification of any kind) are eligible for an exchange or refund (minus original shipping charges).  The customer is responsible for all return shipping charges to the original shipping origin, but will receive a full 100% refund or exchange credit of the original purchase price of the item they purchased.  It is recommended to return authorized items via a traceable method and to provide the tracking information to our customer service department.  Refunds are typically processed within Five (5) business days of receipt on items received in new and satisfactory condition.  Tracking information on returned shipments can expedite this process. 

    Please Note: Items returned a.) without proper notification to The KJV Store, b.) without an Authorization Code or Return Instructions, c.) to the wrong address, d.) Items marked as "Non-Returnable" or deemed Non-Returnable by The KJV Store Staff, or e.) not adhering to this return policy in any other way are not eligible for refund or exchange, with your hopeful understanding, no refund or exchange will be issued on such returns. We greatly value your business and appreciate your understanding in regard to this policy.  

    Again, if you experience a problem of any kind with your order, shipment, or any item received, PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL US as quickly as possible so that we may provide you with excellent service and a speedy resolution.  The only problem that we cannot solve regarding any order placed at The KJV Store is the one we don’t know about.  
  • The KJV Store Cancellation Policy. 
    At The KJV Store, we are committed to extremely fast order processing and shipping times. For this reason, once an order has been placed and paid for by Credit/Debit Card or PayPal (the only payment methods we accept), the order cannot be cancelled. We cannot make any exceptions to this policy as all orders are immediately processed by our fulfillment partners (in various locations) and cannot be cancelled once submitted.  For this reason, we encourage customers to double check their orders for accuracy before completion.  This is especially important for orders with Name Imprinting which is an irreversible process.

    View Our Complete Return & Cancellation Policy Here:

Company News & Updates 

- Introducing BOLT Checkout:

The KJV Store is excited to offer Bolt as our new checkout partner for online payments. We are constantly looking for ways to provide a world-class experience and increased security for our customers. Bolt gives us the ability to offer a quick and easy checkout with bank-level security.  The #1 Source for King James Version Bibles now has the fastest, most secure One-Click Checkout experience in the business.  


  • Bolt doesn't require a Billing Address
    Ship anywhere you want.  Bolt security goes way beyond simple Address Verification by offering best-in-class security for your personal information, using 128-bit SSL encryption and a Level 1 PCI-DSS compliant backend.
  • Bolt doesn't use Passwords or Usernames
    Usernames and Passwords are often confusing, easily forgotten, and even stolen.
  • Bolt uses SMS / Text Message and Email Verification Codes
    Verification Codes are faster, easier, and more secure than usernames and passwords.  Additionally, many banks and online payment systems have switched to verification codes (over passwords) for the ultimate in online safety, identity verification, and account security.  
  • Signup for "Track My Order" via SMS / Text Messages
    It's the fastest way to receive notifications, tracking, and updates about your KJV Store order and shipment.

- How To Order with BOLT Checkout

Add KJV Bibles and products to the Shopping Cart, then Click the Blue Checkout button: 
Complete your order via Bolt Checkout as follows:


- Introducing the ALL NEW www.TheKJVStore.com: