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1st Grade - Alpha & Omega LIFEPAC Homeschool Curriculum

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1st Grade 5-Subject Set
Start your child off right with LIFEPAC 1st Grade 5-Subject Set! This colorful, all-in-one set contains five complete, core subjects: Bible, History & Geography, Science, Language Arts, and Math for first grade. Each individual subject has ten worktexts and a teacher’s guide. LIFEPAC lessons are flexible, self-paced, and Bible-based. Reading Basics, a set of five required beginning-level readers, are included in the Language Arts set.

Want to get all your subjects for the year at once? Alpha Omega Publications has just what you need! Combined into an all-in-one set, the LIFEPAC 1st Grade 5-Subject Set contains five core subjects: Bible, History & Geography, Science, Language Arts, and Math. And it costs less than ordering subjects individually! This step-by-step, Bible-centered curriculum is based on the concept of mastery learning and offers flexibility with personalized instruction. Colorful, self-paced lessons and supplemental hands-on activities make this curriculum set fun and easy.

Each LIFEPAC subject contains ten separate worktexts and a teacher's guide. Filled with motivating lessons and diverse review questions, the LIFEPAC 1st Grade 5-Subject Set will give your child a solid, well-rounded education! Plus with all your subjects in one convenient package, you can avoid the stress of choosing what subjects you need to order. Get everything you need for a full school year at once—just order the best-selling LIFEPAC 1st Grade 5-Subject Set today!

1st Grade Bible Set

It's never too early to begin instilling biblical truths in your child! LIFEPAC 1st Grade Bible is a wonderful introduction to the Bible and its major themes. In this colorful homeschool program your child will enjoy learning about God's love, prayer, Jesus, and Old and New Testament Bible characters like Jonah, David, Zacchaeus, and Paul. Teacher's guide included.

1st Grade History & Geography Set

LIFEPAC 1st Grade History & Geography is a biblically integrated approach to teaching your child about history, geography, and living in the world. Ten engaging worktexts present lessons on being special in God's eyes, communication, living in a family, farms, cities, community helpers, our country, our world, and more!Teacher's guide included.

1st Grade Language Arts Set

LIFEPAC 1st Grade Language Arts is a comprehensive phonics-based language course which integrates phonics, reading, and grammar into one fun-filled homeschool course. Ten colorful worktexts, five vocabulary-controlled readers and a complete teacher's guide make this a great choice for parents looking for an easy-to-use reading program! Reading Basics, a set of five required beginning-level readers, are included in this set. Teacher's guide included.

1st Grade Math Set

Created to instill a strong math foundation, LIFEPAC 1st Grade Math is full of fun learning activities! With a focus on the basics of elementary math, ten colorful worktexts provide instruction and practice in concepts such as number order, number words to 200, place value, addition, subtraction, time, and fractions. Teacher's guide included.

1st Grade Science Set

LIFEPAC 1st Grade Science begins the process of teaching important principles of observation which will in turn assist children as they learn about the physical universe God created. Ten colorful worktexts present lessons on the human body, the five senses, animals, plants, energy, health, machines, and God's beautiful world! Teacher's guide included.

All LIFEPAC Curriculum uses only KJV Scripture.

This 1st Grade 5-Subject Set includes 10 Lifepac Worktexts and 1 Teacher's guide for each of the following subjects:

1) Bible - God & You (Creation, God's love, Old Testament Stories, God's Promises)

2)History & Geography - Your World (Family, Places People Live, Community, Geography)

3) Language Arts - Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, Composition (Phonics)

4) Math - Basic Math Skills (Number Order, Adding/Subtracting, Number Words, Money)

5) Science - God's Creation (Senses, Animals, Plants, Health, Energy, Machines)

Click on the link below to view a Scope and Sequence PDF file that presents topics of upcoming quarters and semesters for all curricula:

LIFEPAC Scope and Sequence

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