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Which Bible Would Jesus Use?

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Vendor:Chick Publications
Number of Pages:342
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This book gives answers to the biggest, nastiest, and most annoying objections you get when defending the King James Bible.

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9780986026515 Paperback



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Author: Jack McElroy

You know how people get all upset and sometimes angry when someone talks about one bible version being better than another? It happens a lot in Bible studies because the differences in versions are painfully obvious to all.

Everyone's got an opinion as to which Bible is best.

And because of all the glaring differences and discrepancies in the different versions, the Lord himself is forced to pick just one of them. The funny thing is that hardly anyone ever considers the opinion of the Lord Jesus Christ. Don't you think he has a preference? Which one would he use?

Which Bible Would Jesus Use? gives answers to the biggest, nastiest, and most annoying objections you get when defending the King James Bible. Now when you hear the same old, childish comments, you'll quietly and confidently chuckle. You'll feel sorry for those who don't have a Bible they can believe in. But you won't be upset anymore.

You'll be able to feed the sincere with answers to their legitimate questions and you'll be able to walk away from the scoffers who don't have ears to hear, knowing you could not have said or done any more to persuade them.

Which Bible Would Jesus Use? is a new, entertaining and easy-to-read volume that delivers convincing answers to the most difficult objections posed by King James Bible critics. Once you know for sure which Bible the Lord has already chosen and why, you'll never again have any doubts about "which Bible" is God's Bible.

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Wont Dissapoint - Review by REX

Great Book !
Very informative and straight to the point.
Leaves no doubt. (Posted on 4/16/16)

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