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Gain and lose earthly money as you move around the playing board. Each move is based on a verse. However, to win the game, you must choose OPPORTUNITY CARDS and use your money to serve the other players and receive ETERNAL TREASURES. The winner is the player who gains the most ETERNAL TREASURES. He’s the RICHEST CHRISTIAN!!

Ages: 7 to Adult

Your children are learning math, reading, science, history, etc. Now here is an interesting way for them to learn God’s ways to handle money. They will need these principles all the days of their lives. And your family will enjoy the game!

- Verses on getting money
- Verses warning about wasteful losses of money
- Verses on dishonest gain of money
- Verses on how to use money to minister to others

How to Play The Game:
- Spin the spinner and move around the board.
- Let’s say you land on the square pictured to the left “PROFITABLE LABOR”. Read the verse aloud and try to remember it. “In all labour there is profit”.
- If you can repeat the verse from memory, you receive $100 BONUS MONEY from the bank.
- You also receive $300 for working hard (labor) and opening a Christian bookstore.

Items included in each game:
- Full-color game board
- Stack of Eternal Treasure bills
- Stack of $100 bills
- Stack of $500 bills
- 21 Opportunity cards
- 15 Disaster cards
- Spinner
- 6 Playing piece

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