Register Board - Extra Slide & Numeral Set (English and Spanish)

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B&H Publishing
10 x 2-7/8"
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The new set includes the following two-sided slides - English on one side, Spanish on the other:
Sunday School
Enrollment (2)
Attendance Today (2)
Attendance Last Sunday
Record Attendance
Attending Worship
Discipleship Training
Offering Today
Offering Last Sunday
Offering Year Ago
Building Fund
Prepared Lesson
Brought Bible
Read Bible Daily
Outreach Contacts
Ministry Contacts
Total Contacts

Also included:
6 each of numerals 0 - 9
6 each dollar signs ($)
6 each decimal points (.)
6 each arrows Slide measures 10" x 2-7/8, numbers measure 1-5/8" x 2-7/8".

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