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Character analogies from the book of Proverbs. Each of these sets contains 18 cards featuring analogies taken directly from the Book of Proverbs.

Topics in Set 1: Trusting God, Boldness, The Tongue, Encouragement, Self-discipline, Dependability, Meddling, Boasting, Arguing, Laziness, Runaways, Flattery, Compromise, Beauty, Foolishness, Good News, Friends, Words

Topics in Set 2: Quarreling, Backsliding, Pleasant Words, Gossip, Deceiving, Wealth, Reproof, Lying, Fools, Authority, Morality, Character, Drinking, Riches, A Merry Heart, Oppressing the Poor, Honoring a Fool, The King's Anger

The answers to the questions are on the back of each card for the parent or teacher. In addition, there is an explanation of the analogy, a Bible illustration of the proverb and questions to ask.

Page Samples from Set 1

Page Samples from Set 2

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