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KJVER Sword Study Bible - Giant Print - Two-Tone

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Special Note: We do not endorse any English bible besides the King James Version. This product is offered for study and comparative purposes only. We feel that careful study will reveal the superiority of the KJV. The video below uses the KJV edition, but all of the study features will be the same.

The video preview above shows the regular KJV Sword Study Bible.

The KJVER® is "The Trusted King James in an Easy Read Format." The KJVER® follows the KJV more closely than any other contemporary version available.

The KJVER® maintains the beauty and doctrine of the original KJV and yet is easy to read for all ages because outdated words are replaced with their modern-day equivalents (for example, "Thou shalt" is replaced with "You shall" and "heareth" with "hears").

- Complete Red Letter edition-the only Bible with God's spoken words in red in both Testaments.
- Thematic study guide with over 3,000 margin notes covering more than 90 topics providing a years' worth of study that takes the reader from cover to cover of the Bible.
- Outlines and summaries at the beginning of each book.
- Difficult terms underlined and defined at the end of the verse.
- Extensive treasury of biblical information on history, science, prophecy, and more.
- Dictionary concordance and maps.
- Giant-print type size is 15 point


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