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KJV Large Print Text Bible (Cambridge)

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Number of Pages:1566
Dimensions:6-1/4 X 9 X 1-1/2"
Font Size:10pt
Word of Christ in Red:No

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Clear, large type in a text-only, Cambridge KJV.

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ISBN Binding/Format Color Thumb-Indx Reg. Price Our Price
9780521163347 Hardcover No



9780521508810 French Morocco Leather Black No



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This Bible offers large, clear print for ease of reading. It is an enlargement of the Cameo Text Edition, originally published by Cambridge in the 1920s, and features pronunciation marks in the text to help readers to pronounce difficult names and words when reading aloud. Choose between a practical hardback or black french morocco leather with gilt edges and a ribbon marker.

The King James Version of 1611 has been the most widely known and quoted version of the Bible for four centuries, and has shaped both Western culture and the English language.

The Large-Print Bible provides the text of the King James Version in a clear, large type. For those with impaired eyesight, or those who just require a comfortable reading size, this will be the ideal Bible. There are self-pronouncing marks in the text, which will help readers to pronounce difficult names and words when reading aloud. This is a text edition only, no references or maps included. Also features smyth-sewn pages.

- Text edition only, no references or maps included
- Clear, Large, Bold 10 Point Font Size
- Translator's Preface to the King James / Epistle Dedicatory
- Self-pronouncing text for unfamiliar names
- Black-letter edition
- Presentation page
- Ribbon marker
- Bound in Hardcover or French Morocco Leather
- Gilt Edges and Presentation Gift Box on Morocco Leather Edition

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Sad that no one has reviewed this Bible yet. - Review by Dee

I have a few large print Bibles, but this is the best one out there IMO. The description says 10 pt font, but it seems larger than that to me. I have 10 pt font Bibles that aren't this easy to read.

It could also be because the print on this Bible is dark & bold. It is so easy on my tired eyes, especially when I'm reading it early in the morning.

It is also no frills, which I love. If you want a text only Bible this is the way to go. No notes, references, concordance or maps. It does have headings at the top of the page, but they don't take liberties with what is in the text. I have had it for over 2 years & it is still my favorite. I have it in the French Morocco, and it's a wonderful cover. (Posted on 10/31/18)

Great Bible!! - Review by Victor

This Bible is amazing! I will be detailed with my review;
• perfect size, between a Church Bible Publishers handsize and midsize bible.
• readability is among the very best, paper is cream color and texture of it is better than CBP in regard to that it has no gloss on paper under light. Font is very bold and consistently black all throughout the Bible.
• Truly nothing but text; It’s the same text used in the CBP handsize text and also the midsize wide margin text bible.
• the cover has a very nice feel to it and like the royalty look of the cover. Meaning the seal of Cambridge for when is the Authorised Version and the Holy Bible printed on the front cover. Really wish all KJV had the same on the front cover.

• sometimes words are not spaced out. Example: whenreadingyouwillfindwordsinthismanner. Expect more from Cambridge.
• binding should be leather lining sown. For the price you can get a higher quality binding from CBP or LCBP and CMBR.
• price should be lower when compared with other publishers selling the same text for $55-65.

Overall I would highly recommend this to someone that has more than 1 KJV bible. But if it was his first I would recommend other publishers like CBP, Common Man’s Reference Bible or LCBP. They won’t fall apart with extensive use. With that said I still love it. It’s very enjoyable to read. (Posted on 1/1/20)

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