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KJV Classic Wide Margin Study Bible (With C.I. Scofield Notes) - Lambskin Edition

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Vendor:The KJV Store
Number of Pages:1608
Dimensions:6-3/4 X 9-3/4 X 1-1/2"
Font Size:9pt
Words of Christ in Red:Yes

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Scofield Wide Margin in buttery soft Lambskin Leather and Red Letter Text!

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2350000030049 Lambskin Leather Black No



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The KJV Classic Wide Margin Study Bible (With C.I. Scofield Notes) our best-selling Scofield Bible, is now available in soft, buttery Lambskin leather with Red Letter Text! It features Enlarged Outside, Top, and Bottom Margins for Note Taking, the widest margins of any Scofield Bible.

15 Years in the Making
Coinciding with The KJV Store’s 15th Anniversary, this marks the first time in over 15 years that a KJV Scofield Study Bible with Wide Margins for Note Taking has been available with the Words of Christ in Red. And never has such a Scofield Bible been available in a more premium quality binding than The KJV Store’s Lambskin Leather.

"Lined to the Edge" Lambskin Leather
This luxurious lambskin leather bible is "lined to the edge" the way the good Bible publishers used to make it, and features a sewn binding for extreme flexibility that will lay flat when open on a desk or pulpit. It’s perfect for preachers, teachers, outliners, and note takers who appreciate the Scofield study notes, as well as room to write their own.

Historical Significance of the Scofield Bible
The KJV Classic Wide Margin Study Bible (With C.I. Scofield Notes) contains reflections on the Word of God that have guided believers for over a century. It has been one of the most sought-after bibles for the last several decades. A "classic" truly is available once more. It features the original 1917 notes from Dr. C.I. Scofield and references in a Center-Column format and is matched to Dr. Scofield's time-honored study system, with book introductions, center-column subject chain references, chronologies, and same-page text helps that provide "Help where Help is Needed." It’s no wonder that the Scofield Bible is likely the best-selling KJV Study Bible of all-time. Finally, this revered study bible is available with wide margins, red letter text, and a quality binding befitting of its all-time status.

Published by The KJV Store
Best of all, this premium edition of the Scofield Study Bible is published by The KJV Store, which means it comes with the quality you would expect from The #1 Source for all things KJV, and at only a fraction of the price of other premium leather bibles such as R.L. Allan or Cambridge.

- Buttery Soft Black Lambskin Leather Cover
- Quality, flexible Imitation Leather-lined to the Edge with End Paper Re-enforcement on the binding
- Sewn Pages for extreme flexibility
- Wide Margin Measurements: 1/4" Inside, 1-1/2" Outside, 1" Top, 1" Bottom
- Large Trim Size (6-3/4 X 9-3/4 X 1-1/2")
- Red Letter Text
- Clear Readable Typeface
- Complete 1917 Edition Study Notes by Dr. C.I. Scofield
- Complete Old Scofield references in center-column
- Introduction to each book of the Bible
- Subject Chain References
- Same-Page Text Helps and Subheadings
- Chronologies
- Presentation Page and Family Record Section
- Translator's Preface to the Reader
- Translator's Preface to the King James / Epistle Dedicatory
- Introduction and Explanation of Scofield Study Features
- How to Use the Subject References
- Index
- Dictionary of Proper Names
- Subject-Index
- Concordance
- Notes Section
- Bible Maps
- 2 Ribbon Markers
- Gift Box
- Printed and Bound in the U.S.A.!
- Pure KJV Text

***Fits Deluxe Genuine Leather Bible Cover size XL.

Affordable Lambskin:
We have previously sold Lambskin bibles for as much as $275.00 that did not come near the quality of the KJV Classic Wide Margin Study Bible or contain it's excellent study features. This is one of the most affordable KJV Lambskin bibles available and is the best quality to boot.

Leather-Lined "Lined to the Edge" Style:
The KJV Classic Wide Margin Study Bible's "lined to the edge” style carefully joins the cover to the Bible, using several flexible components which eliminates restrictions and stress points often found in paste-off or glue-bound methods. This unique style of binding offers the utmost flexibility, thus allowing your Bible to withstand years of continuous use. The “imitation leather-lined” binding combined with Smyth-Sewn pages set this bible apart in terms of flexibility and durability.

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Items 11 to 15 of 26 total

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The Bible above all Bibles! - Review by james

I bought this Bible as a gift to my Pastor. I saw the video on the lambskin Bible and what I saw was just great! My Pastor Bible that he had before was getting worn out and the thing about new Bibles is that they have to be broken in over time...

With the lambskin its a brand new Bible broken in already. It is just great how the Bible lays flat when opened. Plus you have the wide margins to make notes or even put a sermon outline to the side.

My Pastor really loved the Bible and I am glad I bought it when I did, because he was planning on buying a new Bible at the beginning of the next year... It was nice that I was able to have his name inscribed on the Bible and the word "Pastor" before his name. I am sure that this Bible will serve him for many years to come and I plan on buying one for myself also!

Shipping was fast and the Bible was well protected. This is where I plan on buying my Bibles from now on! (Posted on 11/29/19)

excellent quality! - Review by red61

Second KJV wide margin that I bought for a gift.
Super soft lamb skin cover, great quality and speedy shipping! Can't beat the price or being able to watch their informative videos of their products! (Posted on 11/29/19)

Unbelievable Quality! - Review by Douglas

I have never used a Bible before with margins this wide for taking notes. Not to mention, this is an Old Scofield Reference Bible in lambskin! What could possibly be better? Now this Bible is also available as a red-letter edition. This Bible is my favorite along with the classic lambskin Scofield Bible (which uses a slightly larger font size at 10 points). I have purchased both and absolutely love them! (Posted on 12/4/19)

Timeless - Review by Eric

Beautiful binding. Soft durable Lambskin leather. Amazing notes by Scofield. Insightful chain references. If you are a student of the word, you MUST HAVE this in your toolbox. Very pleased indeed. (Posted on 1/12/20)

Great Bible - Review by Alexander

Excellent Bible , love the lambskin and everything else except one thing. The red lettering has a lot of misprints. There are some words that have a missing letter. there are some pages where the entire page of red lettering is faded and not like the red letters on the next page. The orientation of the red lettering is not symertrical like the rest of the black letters are. sometimes it is a bit crooked sometimes it is running up right against the middle margin line. It is not terribly bad but it does throw me off a bit because of my eye for detail. (Posted on 12/3/19)

Items 11 to 15 of 26 total

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