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The Secret World of Mormonism - DVD

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This video shows why the true Mormon church is something quite different than you think it is.

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"The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints."

What could sound more Christian than that? Three-quarters of the hundreds of thousands who convert to Mormonism each year come from Christian backgrounds. They join a church which looks Christian, sounds Christian, and identifies itself with the virtues of family values, patriotism and wholesome living.

But this video shows why the true Mormon church is really something quite different. Listen as its leaders present their true doctrine. Hear them describe Jesus and Lucifer as brothers, with alternate plans for man's redemption. You'll be stunned as you hear high-level Mormons describe how their god lives on a faraway planet, busily engaged in perpetual sexual relations with his many wives to produce millions of spirit babies to inhabit the bodies of humans. You will listen with disbelief as they describe that this is the future godhood they hope to attain to as well.

In this video, you will meet former temple workers who describe the pagan ceremony of temple marriage. You'll learn of the history of Mormonism, and how it grows today. And when you have finished, you will understand one thing very clearly—Mormons expect to gain entrance into the "celestial" kingdom by a means very different than faith in Jesus Christ. They teach "another gospel," and are a very successful cult.

If you are a member of the Mormon Church, or have friends or love ones who are, this vitally important video is "must viewing" for all who wish to know the truth about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

This video covers topics such as:
• The Beliefs of Mormonism
• The Pagan Practices of Mormonism
• The Changing Scriptures of Mormonism
• Polygamy and Blood Atonement
• The Wealth and Power of Mormonism
• The Reality of Mormonism
• And More!

As with all DVD and CD products, this item is non-returnable.

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