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From Jerusalem To You...the Saga of the Saints

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Vendor:Jeff Williams
Number of Pages:266
Dimensions:6 x 9"
Font Size:12pt
Word of Christ in Red:No

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The most comprehensive non-catholic, non-protestant, church history ever written.

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Author: Jeff Williams

From Jerusalem To You...the saga of the saints from A.D. 44 to A.D. 500.

Sample Pages
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The church an individual attends is a personal choice. For those who choose where they attend based upon a powerful conviction of the truth of God's Word, From Jerusalem To You is a must read. Too many believers have swallowed the bitter pill of Church History as it is most commonly told today. In shame believers try to reconcile the behavior of the Church in the Dark Ages within themselves. When unbelievers recount the horrid history of Christianity, people of faith can give no honest justification or explanation for it.

From Jerusalem To You is so different because it marks a clear distinction between Catholic History and the story of the churches of Jesus Christ that have faithfully followed the New Testament for twenty centuries. Quite frankly, after A.D. 250 their stories are virtually unrelated. Being less than the Master, baptized Bible believers have been persecuted in all ages. Ironically, most persecution has come at the hands of those who wore the title *Christian*. Tragically their story is virtually unknown by the majority of professing Christians in our time.

This is the saga of the saints. This is the story of how God has kept His promises to preserve in this age both the pure word and pure congregations. Can modern day believers shake free from the bonds of deceit? Can people of faith in the twenty-first century rediscover the Trail of Blood that the Adversary has worked so diligently to obscure?

From Jerusalem To You provides evidence of God's work of preservation. This book is a powerful non-catholic, non-protestant, non-reformed church history. In the text a detailed distinction between churches is clearly defined. Genuine Christians have a strong desire to please Jesus Christ. They also want to be involved in a church that follows the tradition of the Apostles as opposed to the traditions of men. By learning to identify those who worshipped the Father in spirit and truth in the past, one can effectively identify a congregation worthy of one's own convictions in the present.

The history of the pure in faith motivates unbelievers to seek Christ. It motivates believers to rededicate their own lives to the Lord Jesus. It may motivate you to change your life forever...

About the Author:
Jeff Williams is a veteran missionary currently serving in Canada and formerly in Russia.
More information is available on the author's websites:

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