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Doug Stauffer - Complete Volume Set

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Buy all 13 Doug Stauffer books at 40% Off!!

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Author: Dr. Doug Stauffer

Buy all 13 Doug Stauffer books for $175.00!
(That's 40% off retail of 280.54 if purchased individually!)

Doug Stauffer Complete Volume Set Includes:

1. One Book One Authority (Regular Price: $35.00)
Many excellent books have been written in the Bible’s defense, but not until One Book One Authority has there been such a thorough and factual compilation in support of the most contested Bible of our day. This 888 page book is not a book that you will read once and relegate to the shelf to collect dust. If you are committed to loving and living God's word, you will want to keep its many resources easily accessible.

2. One Book Stands Alone (Regular Price: $25.00)
One Book Stands Alone tackles one of the most pressing spiritual debates of our time - identifying God's preserved word in the English language.

3. One Book Stands Alone (Volume 2) (Regular Price: $3.00)
As a result of his “success” in the Garden of Eden, Satan has unrelentingly posed his familiar “Hath God said” question to every generation. Unfortunately, his query has frequently accomplished its designed purpose, undermining one’s faith in God’s word and causing division between the Creator and His creation. One Book Stands Alone identifies the counterfeit authorities guilty of giving an uncertain sound.

4. Freedom's Ring (Regular Price: $30.00)
Freedom’s Ring is a must-read book discussing Christ’s work, which, if accepted through faith, changes a person’s life for all eternity. This book illustrates the greatest message ever told, the greatest theme in all of history, and the greatest work ever performed, by the greatest Person who ever lived.

5. Reviving the Blessed Hope of Thessalonians (Regular Price: $15.00)
This concise commentary on the prophetic events of First and Second Thessalonians provides definitive and undeniable proofs showing that the scripture holds the answer when freed from private interpretation.

6. Daily Strength (Volume 1)(Regular Price: $25.00)
This powerfully unique book serves not only as a daily devotional but an intense Bible study assisting the student of the Bible to mature and grow in the Lord.

7. Daily Strength (Volume 2) (Regular Price: $25.00)
In this second book, you will study subjects like like bitterness, confession, fear, forgiveness, giving, loving, modesty, prayer, and witnessing.

8. Daily Strength (Volume 3) (Regular Price: $25.00)
This powerfully unique book serves not only as a daily devotional but an intense Bible study assisting the student of the Bible to mature and grow in the Lord. In this third book in the four volume series, you will study subjects like like appetite, bereavement, comfort, envy, heresy, loyalty, rebellion, relationships, salvation, stewardship, and tradition.

9. Daily Strength (Volume 4) (Regular Price: $25.00)
This powerfully unique book serves not only as a daily devotional but an intense Bible study assisting the student of the Bible to mature and grow in the Lord. In this fourth book in the four volume series, you will study subjects like anger, finances, hope, motives, government, suffering, sin, and truth.

10. The DaVinci Con (Regular Price: $10.00)
The world seems prepared more than ever for acceptance of the blasphemous material found in The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. He claims that the holders of the secrets, supposedly revealed in his book, have been waiting "...for the right time to share their secret. A time when the world is ready to handle the truth." He is right, as to the timing! The world has never been more ready to receive this lie masquerading as the truth.

11. One Book Righlty Divided: The Prophetic Edition (Regular Price: $40.00)
All new 2018 Edition. This new and updated edition is over 3 times the size of the original book with all new format and charts.
God has given man the Bible, yet the scriptures are debated with more vigor and less agreement today than in any previous time. The resultant widespread error propagated by churches and cults has compelled the author to produce this work. One Book Rightly Divided addresses many difficult and confusing questions.

12. When the End Begins (Regular Price: $20.00)
When the End Begins answers these and many more seemingly perplexing questions: Who will be living in the time likened to the days of Noah and Lot? Who are the elect gathered by the angels just prior to Christ’s Second Coming? Why is the prophecy of the Temple’s destruction really just a distraction? Upon what specific generation will all the traumatic events of the Olivet Discourse come to pass? Whom do the ten slumbering virgins represent at Christ’s Second Advent? How are the sheep identified and why does the Shepherd separate them from the goats?

13. Josiah: The Boy Who Would be King (Regular Price: $12.95)
Josiah’s childhood was full of heartaches. By the time he was eight years old, both his grandfather and father had passed away. Their deaths introduced conflicts into Josiah’s life that seemed hard to overcome. As a youth, Josiah would have to assume the throne vacated by his grandfather and father, and he would have to choose his own path as a man and king. Would he follow the godly example demonstrated in his grandfather’s last days, or would he follow the example of his father’s wickedness? Josiah’s choice directed not only his own path, but also that of the kingdom he ruled.

Regular Price for all 13: $280.54
Our Price for all 13: $175.00!

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