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Baptist Training Course Overview:
Baptist Training Course is a comprehensive, 13 Week / Quarterly Sunday School Curriculum with materials designed to teach ages Preschool through Adults. Baptist Training Course materials will enable any church class to focus on specific topics that will make Biblical principles applicable to personal needs. The BTC training program will teach any student at any age the practical principles necessary to enrich their Christian testimony and life.

These materials can be used for Sunday or Wednesday evening Bible study classes OR as a viable Every Sunday alternative to SPLAT and the regular Teen through Adult Every Sunday Curriculum.  It also makes a quality study for mens or ladies meetings.

Listen and Learn Paper:
Simple Bible stories with colorful pictures and age-appropriate activities. Preschool pages are perforated pages for one page to take home.

Teacher's Guide:
BTC Teacher features Lesson Preparation (personal spiritual preparation), Lesson Illustration (teaching helps for the lesson) and Lesson Presentation (specific instruction for each age-group).

BTC Visuals contain posters and teaching pictures along with instructions. The Bible story for each lesson will be found in the visual instructions.

Click on the link below to view a Scope and Sequence PDF file that presents topics of upcoming quarters and semesters for all curriculum:

Scope and Sequence

Sunday School Curriculum Schedule
Spring Quarter (Mar. Apr. May.) - Ships in February, all orders after Feb. 1 will be Spring
Summer Quarter (Jun. Jul. Aug.) - Ships in May, all orders after May. 1 will be Summer
Fall Quarter (Sep. Oct. Nov.) - Ships in August, all orders after Aug. 1 will be Fall
Winter Quarter (Dec. Jan. Feb.) - Ships in November, all orders after Nov. 1 will be Winter


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