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$99.99 - $149.99
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It is now possible to own your very own piece of over 400 year old history by purchasing one of these 1617 King James Original Bible Leaves.  A “Leaf” simply means a single “Page” from an ORIGINAL Antique King James Bible. These rare bible leaves are a visual reminder of God's love and make an affordable gift for the true King James Bible collector or enthusiast. These large portfolio leaves with archival booklets are sure to stand out in any home, office, church, or library.

Printed in London by Robert Barker, 1617. This edition is the 2nd 59-line LARGE FOLIO edition, and accurately represents the original intent of the publisher.  Each 1617 King James Bible Leaf, comes from a large folio edition, and measures about 10" x 15".

The 1617 edition is nearly identical to the 1611 edition, with differences only in some word spacing, spelling, and woodcuts -- only an expert can distinguish the two editions! The leaves of the 1611 and 1617 editions were designed to be fully interchangeable. Census of current copies: 1611 "He" edition, 175 copies; 1611 "She" edition, 450 copies; 1617 edition, 225 copies. While the number of extant 1617 Bibles is about the same as the 1611 "He" Bibles, demand dictates price, which enables us to offer these 1617 editions at a very affordable price.

Random Leaves
It is not possible to choose a specific bible verse or book at this time for your bible leaf. But these "Random" leaves are unconditionally guaranteed and archivally safe. You choose from the Old Testament or the New Testament of the 1617 King James Bible. Your specific leaf will otherwise be chosen by the Publisher, in FINE condition. The Biblical text is wholly intact. You may expect minor ageing in spots or to the edges, or minor wrinkling or staining to the margins. NT leaves are more worn than OT leaves, particularly to the outer edges. Each leaf is well packaged, and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity (COA). Pictures of random leaves are examples only.

Archival Booklets
These Large Bible leaves are preserved in Large Archival Booklets. These Booklets were designed and created by Historic Bibles, Inc. of the finest archival materials. Each Booklet is handmade using deep green cambric-style linen covers (acid-free and carbon neutral), black linen cloth bindings, and crystal clear archival sleeves as recommended by the Library of Congress for maximum conservation. These proprietary Booklets are in Bi-fold style, to open like a book, with the leaf on one side and the full-sized Certificate of Authenticity (COA) on the other side. The leaf is easily reversible. On the front cover is a gold foil label with the words: "Original Bible Leaf" and "King James Bible 1617".

Please Note: All Bible Leaves are Non-Returnable.