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At the KJV Store, we realize that most people are searching for spiritual information. Reading the Bible in one's native tongue is the easiest way to fully comprehend its meaning. Bible study, after all, shouldn't be a chore. For Spanish speakers, The KJV Store offers many choices in both Spanish and bilingual editions.

Readers who search for a Bible want one that has preserved the correctness of God's word in translation. The Reina Valera was first published in the year 1569, even before the King James Version. The 1960 Reina-Valera Revision gave Spanish speakers a Bible that was easy to understand and readily accepted. It is the most popular choice due to the fact that it applies the beauty and accuracy of the King James Version without sacrificing quality due to translation or language barriers.

The KJV Store carries a large number of various Spanish translations, including the Scofield Study Bible, the Rainbow Study Bible, and numerous other study Bibles. We offer gift Bibles like the Quinceneara edition and award Bibles. We have giant print, wide-margin editions, and much more. You can see our vast selection of Spanish Bibles at

We also offer the hard-to-find Logos Bible Software Biblioteca de Estudio Bíblico. Bible software offers an affordable way to own many commentaries, Bible versions, and reference books. It gives the reader an easy to use search engine which speeds up the Bible Study process, putting searches and cross references at your fingertips.

For all your Spanish Bible needs, browse our website at If you need assistance, you can email us at We're here to help.

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