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The KJV Store is a proud supplier of the Scofield Bible, one of the most beloved Bibles in the world today. The Scofield Bible combines a highly regarded study system with the world's most popular Bible Translation, the KJV. The Scofield BIble does not change or alter the text of the KJV in anyway, it simply provides additional information to provide better understanding of the Scriptures for personal application.

Dr. C.I. Scofield was a U.S. minister around the turn of the century. He researched much of his Reference Bible during a sabbatical in Switzerland. He also wrote another book, Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth, as well as the Scofield Correspondence Course which became the Moody Bible Institute study course. Scofield spent decades creating his Reference Bible. He wanted it to meet the needs of a reader who was just beginning to study the Bible, and he wanted to be careful not to add to the Bible's inspired words.

The Scofield Bible uses an exclusive subject-based Topical chain reference system, with which the reader can trace major themes through the Scripture index. The pages feature study notes at the bottom, giving quick access to interesting facts. Seventy maps and charts help the reader relate the text to geographical locations. Plenty of in-text definitions, boxed articles and lists supply a wealth of additional information. Sectional headings orient the reader to God's leading within the text.

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