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The Audio Bible from is probably the best gift you could ever give someone. Listening to the Bible on CD can be life-changing to the listener. The narration is powerful and humbling. It has the ability to inspire listeners to change their lives, to comfort them, and to encourage them. Listening to the Word being read aloud moves the listener instantly into God's presence. The Bible on CD is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Choose from a variety of styles, in either English or Spanish. carries Audio Bibles narrated by Alexander Scourby, James Earl Jones, and Stephen Johnston, all offering clear and expressive voices. Choose the complete unabridged dramatized version, or if you need cassettes instead of CDs, they have those too.

Many people make it their goal to read through the entire Bible in a year. It's an admirable goal, but about half of those never actually get through the entire book. By listening to the Bible on CD you'll probably cover the whole Bible two or even three times in a year! Utilizing all your idle time standing in the grocery line, driving your car, and your quiet time at home, you'll easily reach your "reading" goal.

The KJV has become an essential Christian retail source, as there is an ever growing lack of KJV Bibles in regular bookstores today. They actually carry a larger variety than any other store! Purchase with confidence, knowing that they stand behind all their products. Browse their catalog at If you have questions, please email

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