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The KJV Store is a Christian owned and operated Bible book store with offices located in Burleson, Texas. The store was started when the owner found a lack of King James Version Bibles in other book stores. He began the store as a service to others, to offer them the version of the Bible he believes to be the inspired Word of God. The store has grown to include not only the largest selection of KJV Bibles, but also many Christian books, gifts, and supplies.

They offer commentaries and KJV defense books, as well as books that promote better understanding of what it means to be a Christian. If your heart is searching, consider reading the specialized materials provided by the KJV Store.

Shopping at The KJV Store is an experience second to none. You will notice that all their staff members are Christians who are dedicated to customer service. Their customer service offers a level of friendliness and personal touch that is now lacking in most larger businesses of the internet age. It's not your typical bookstore.

Many Bible bookstores only carry a modest selection of Bibles. The KJV Store is specialized in offering Bibles for any occasion imagineable. The KJV Store has not only dozens of Bibles to carry to church, but also pew and pulpit Bibles, and Spanish RVR Bibles. They are constantly adding to their products as they find items that will fill the needs of their customers. They also offer Bibles by the case at added discounts for any bulk-buying project or ministry need. For more information, please email .

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